Cavan Valance
Elite Athlete | Brooklyn, NY
I like to think I’ve gotten to where I am today by learning how to be patient. Time moves as it does, constantly. I know this now. There’s only so much time left, so I learn to use everyday to the best of my ability. I wasn’t always patient. I always believed I could reach my goals, but I certainly did not know how to put in tot work. I would usually make excuses for why I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I know I complained about too many things up to and including our family financial situation and how others had an edge on forward... I don’t know when it was, but one day I decided to quit complaining and truly made an effort to make a difference in my life. No one was going to do it for me. I was not born into anyone else’s situation. It was time to look towards the future instead of what was directly in front of me. I knew I was meant for more...corny, I know, but seriously I think that daily.
My “aha” moment came in waves. There are 2 of them. The first time was I was 22, near 300lbs, depressed and heading down a path I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I wasn’t always this heavy, sure I was a “bigger” kid, but after college it turned for the worst. It was Thanksgiving when it clicked. Surrounded by family, a place where I should be happy and appreciative of everyone around me, all I could think of was how I let them down and how I wasn’t deserving of their love. I thought I was invincible up to this point. I was so far from who I was supposed to be I decided to get my act together. Around the same time my sister was being recruited to play lacrosse at a small school in NYC. During her visit, my father bumped into the new men’s lacrosse coach and set up a meeting for his son’s to potentially play the sport they new best once again while working towards a degree. They wanted my brother. They didn’t want me. They didn’t have a team and still, I was not good enough. The next 4 months I went to work. I knew what to do. I started running, hit the gym and put down the beers..well, most of the beers. I lost 40lbs in a semesters time and on top of that I put in the work to receive a 4.0 at the community college i was going to so I could prove my worth. I never looked back. Fitness had become very much a part of my life. The second moment was a transfer of energy. Well after college, during the last mile of my very 1st half Marathon, I broke down. I kept running but I was hysterical. My father had recently past away and I had locked up all of the emotions inside me. I became laser focussed on my training. At this time I was running, doing Crossfit and body building because when I was active I was at peace. My father was overweight...very overweight, and my obsession with training was an escape to never get to the place he had been... Alone on the run I had my thoughts. I thought of how my father was overweight, overworked and for those reasons he was no longer with us. I knew I needed to shift this internal focus outward. I thought “There are so many people in this world that need help taking their first step or more so help believing that they CAN take the first step towards a healthier version of themselves.” I could help them. I wanted to help them. PUSH was born. Progress Using Strength and Heart. This was a big moment for me. (I also PRd my 1/2 marathon time) candoPUSHthru.
My past. It’s a place I never want to go back to or experience. The time where I was alone, depressed and unsure of my abilities fuels my today and tomorrow. Also my family. I’m fortunate that my siblings are my best friends. Seriously, who would have thought. They’re all off doing amazing things on their own path and that’s great feeling. Then there’s my mom. Strongest woman I know. Physically, she’s up there, but she’s a rock in our family. She’s done more for me then I can ever thank her for. Love yah, mom.
This is tough because I wake up everyday workings towards being a better version of myself. I don’t think I’ve accomplished enough to say their is a biggest moment, but rather the accumulation of small victories in seizing each and every opportunity allows me to keep my head high and know there are bigger hills to climb. I like to think “I’m just getting started.”
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