Emily Hayden
Elite Trainer | Venice, CA
My name is Emily Hayden, I am an IFBB Bikini Pro, and I live in Venice, California. I am a youtuber, online trainer, fitness model, competitor and social media influencer,. I come from a large very competitive family and have been into sports my whole life. I’ve always worked out, but around 2010 I started lifting more seriously. In 2013 I competed in my first NPC show, and fell in love with the sport and art of bodybuilding. 14NPC shows and 7 national shows later, I earned my IFBB Bikini pro card at the 2016 USAS in class D. I absolutely love the healthy lifestyle of lifting heavy and eating for your goals. I am a flexible dieter who tracks my macros and believes the best diet is the one that becomes “the way you eat” vs. a “diet”. I actively use my competition career and social media platforms to help others in any way that I can.
January of 2013 I opened my own personal training business which started with a women’s fitness camp. During a few of my one on one sessions, I was comparing my clients’ progress pictures with them and they cried tears of happiness. Saying their life was changed from attending my fitness camp and working with me. That’s when I knew I was meant to do this but on a much larger scale. I have such compassion for people that I am passionate about changing their lives for the better. The way I do that is through helping to change their overall lifestyle in health, fitness, nutrition, as well as their overall mindset and outlook on life.
The most inspiring thing to me is seeing someone else whole heartedly be themselves and relentlessly pursue the thing they are most passionate about. I am also inspired by every comment, tweet, message, video, etc. that I get from people saying I’ve impacted their life in even the smallest ways. I am inspired by meeting people in person and hearing their stories and learning what they’ve gone through and overcome. I’m inspired by the positive impact social media has made and continues to make which then translates into people all over the world being the change in THEIR community.
Life is too short. We can’t change what happened yesterday, and we don’t even know if tomorrow will come. We only have TODAY to be our best, to make a change, and to succeed. We only have TODAY to be Undeniable. Never Settle because life is too short to sell yourself short.
Creating the most amazing community through my app EmilyTV. #StrongerAsACommunity has been a goal and idea of mine since I realized the impact my social media and youtube was making. My mindset is that what if, instead of 1 person (me) posting the content, sharing inspiration, motivation, workouts, nutrition, life advice, answering questions etc, and everyone commenting to me, what if there were hundreds, or thousands, or hundreds of thousands doing the same for each other? What if in every city people could connect and meet like minded people who wanted to positively impact each others lives? Through EmilyTV I have brought this concept into an app and as we grow, inspire, educate, and motivate, we become #StrongerAsACommunity.
Seeing someone’s life impacted so greatly, or changed even, and having had any part in that, fires me up and keeps me going on the hardest days. Because even if just one person’s life is changed or positively impacted, then everything I do, is worth it. Besides that, I have an inner drive that I can’t even explain. I am so passionate about what I do and all the different avenues that make up my brand, that I will never settle for anything less than my best. And when I feel I reach my best, I push for a new best.
There is no “end” for me. Every time I reach a goal, I start my journey towards a new goal. 99% of life is in the “journey” stage. 1% is the time when the goal is achieved, then you start back at 0 towards the new goal. That’s why I believe it’s so important to enjoy the journey and enjoy the process every step of the way.
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