Jennie Serrentini
Fitness Competitor & Trainer | Port Richey, FL
My name is Jennie Serrentini and I am a proud mother of two beautiful boys and wife to my amazing husband. Tom & I strive to be nothing but the best for our children and we have created something pretty damn special among our family. Growing up I dealt with the loss of my mother at a young age due to a drug addiction and spent some time is the foster system. Despite all of that, I have turned into quite the fighter. I refuse to give up and settle for the path that had been chosen for me. With the passion of fitness and inspiring others to have that same mind set, I was able to turn my negative experiences into something positive and created a future for myself. Today I am proud to say that I am a college graduate with my bachelors in leadership, I am the proud owner of BCMF Total PHit with my best friend and partner Maria Callahan, a pro fitness competitor and 1st Phorm Athlete for the best premier supplement line in the industry. It’s crazy to go from moments of no family and feeling completely alone to being surrounded by so many people that may not be blood related but definitely people I consider PHamily.
My AHA moment was the day I became responsible for another life. The birth of my first son was a game changer for me, and from that moment on I knew that all my actions, my dreams and my passions impacted him. That made me as motivated as ever. With my second son on the way, I continue to strive to be the best role model that I can be. We set the example for our next generation and I am determined to teach my sons to always work hard and use their passions to fuel their drive.
My inspiration comes from each and every member that walks into BCMF. We created the #BCMFmovement in hopes that each and every one of our members would use their strengths, struggles and imperfections to not only reach their goals but far exceed them. Experiencing first hand their ups and downs has inspired me to never take for granted the faith and trust they have in me as a trainer.
I think there are a lot of things that define a never settle attitude, but for me personally it’s overcoming the odds that were against me from childhood. Just because you are dealt a hand that wasn’t the best, doesn’t mean you have to follow the statistic. I was determined from a young age to take what was chosen for me and turn it into a future that I chose. Always remember we create our own destiny!
My biggest achievement is turning 10 friends working out in my back yard to a successful gym with two locations, and I get to do that with my best friends working by my side. Together Maria and I have created a community like no other. We change lives every day, not just with someone’s physical appearance but with their overall health and wellbeing.
This one is easy, my family. My husband and my two boys are my entire life. Together we work hard and support each other through anything. They give me the family support that I never had growing up, and I truly believe that that’s the reason why my heart beats so fast.
My end goal is to continue to grow as a person. Mentally and Physically. There is a quote “Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.” This is what I live by!
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