Kayla Fassio
Elite Trainer | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
My name is Kayla Fassio! I am born and raised in the Midwest in Oklahoma City, OK. I am married to my swolemate and a proud dog mom! I have always enjoyed fitness and working out, but always had an 8-5 job. When I was let go from my oil and gas job, I was “forced” to start my business, Kayla Fassio Fitness in 2015. Since then, I have accomplished a lot. I am a personal trainer at the best gym in OKC, Four Star Fitness. I am an online health coach with over 250 clients in less than two years. I am the fitness contributor every week on Fox 25 News for their Fit With Fox Segment. I am affiliated with a local fit meals company OKC Fit Meals that delivers fit, fresh meals to our customers. I do modeling for local boutiques, commercials and magazines. I attend and serve at my local church (one of the biggest churches in the world) LifeChurch.Tv. Basically, I am living my dream of helping and inspiring others to be the healthiest version of themselves!
My “Aha” Moment – You could say I slipped and fell into my destiny. While I always had a passion for fitness, I never knew how I could make it my paycheck. I was in the oil and gas industry for four years and when it started to collapse, I was laid off in January 2015. I did a part time job at home for a couple of months while I worked on developing meal plans and workouts. My little sister was my ‘guinea pig’ when she incorporated my program into her lifestyle. She lost 25 pounds in two months and she looked amazing! I hesitantly posted her before and after picture and that’s when my business skyrocketed. Everyone wanted to know how they could get the same results. I couldn’t keep up with the emails! I knew I loved to help people (I was always in the customer service industry growing up) and I knew I loved fitness. I knew I had the knowledge from my own experience in the previous years. So, I went with it! Soon, I was becoming the ‘go-to’ girl for all things fitness! Within months, I was nominated by a local magazine as the ‘Best Personal Trainer’ and made it to the top 5. I haven’t looked back since!
My first source of inspiration was my husband. We met at the gym and he was SUPER into eating clean and working out ALL the time. I started to get into that lifestyle because that was what we bonded over. Since I was always in the gym, I was meeting new people and connections. Soon, the gym was my hangout spot! I connected with women with the same goals and we still workout together to this day. My own clients also inspire me. I feel like I am responsible for their inspiration and that inspires ME to do my best, so I can be the best example for them. I truly believe in practicing what you preach. I know you can’t always be perfect and I don’t strive to be. But, I like to show that you can have your slip-ups and still come back from it! Other fellow athletes at 1st Phorm, the company itself, friends and fitness entrepreneurs inspire me to always reach for my goals!
I always look back and reflect on my previous jobs since I was 16. Each job after the next was always better and more rewarding than the last. I went from a hostess at a restaurant to a waitress. I went from a receptionist at an Oil Company to a landman with more responsibility. If I am doing something and I know I can do better, get better or be better, I strive to get that no matter what it takes! I know my worth and value and I don’t settle for anything less than what I deserve. I feel VERY fortunate to do what I do. Most of the percentage of the world is not happy with their everyday job. The 9-5 corporate world is not for me. It’s really not ENOUGH for me. I love the 24/7 grind. The 9-5, get done what you need to for the day and leave is not for me. If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it!
My biggest achievement thus far in my career/life is my recent acceptance of becoming a sponsored athlete! From the beginning of my fitness journey, and starting my business, my ultimate goal was becoming an athlete. I didn’t know with whom I wanted to join, but I knew that was a huge goal that people strive and work their butts off for! Once I got on with 1st Phorm, started working with the employees and even attended the athlete weekend in December 2015, I KNEW this was the company for me. I take this position as a HUGE step forward in my career. Now, on to the next goal!
My clients and people that look up to me is what keeps me going and to always be true to myself. I never wanted to conform to the ways of others or demoralize myself to get ahead. What I hear most about me is that I am true and humble. I want to give girls an honest interpretation of what it means to be healthy and fit. I am not perfect and if I was trying to be, I would fail and fail some more. So, when my clients or anyone that I come across through social media tell me they look up to me, am inspired by me or that I am their “body goals,” it gives me the courage and strength to keep going and keep doing my OWN thing! I never want to portray a false image of what I do or use to have what I have.
My two goals with my career is to be a sponsored athlete and to be on the cover of a fitness magazine. I always told myself “then I will have accomplished it all.” Because to get to that point, you know you have worked hard and done a lot to get there. But, I can’t just stop there. I can’t really see an “end” to this lifestyle. I really could do this until I can’t go anymore! I guess if I have to choose an end, it would be to say that I reached out and helped as MANY people as I could. That I didn’t stop until I know I have changed a ton of people’s lives for the better. There will always be that feeling of “I could have helped more people,” but, when I know I’ve done my best, I will be satisfied!
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