Kerri Hayes
IFBB Bikini Pro | San Diego, CA
I began competing in the Summer of 2010 and went on to compete four more times before finally winning my pro card in 2012. Initially, I started competing just because I wanted to look good. But, eventually I became more dedicated and committed to the sport and started competing with passion and conviction. I went through many ups and downs over the last couple years with my health and physical & emotional well-being: suffering from metabolic damage, injury to my hip and both my shoulders. However, I didn't let that stop me from trying again. I fought through the difficult days and stuck to my goals, and now am more determined than ever to continue to pursue my dreams and accomplish even greater things in my fitness career. Presently, I am beginning my prep to compete in my first pro show, setting a new goal for myself and determined to make it happen.
At the beginning of 2011 I encountered some huge battles in my life, my family was going through a very difficult time, I lost my job, my boyfriend, my health wasn't doing so well and I literally felt I had lost all control of my life and anything that I could rely on to inspire me or bring me back up again. It was in that season of my life that I realized I did have something I could control and that was myself, my attitude and my body; I could control what I ate, how I trained, and I knew that if I was committed and determined enough, I would see the results I was looking for. Thanks to the referral of one of my closest friends, I began working with Greg at One 2 One Fitness (in Houston, TX) to help me with my training, diet, and posing for the Ronnie Coleman Classic and this time with full focus on accomplishing my goals and this time I was in it with my whole heart, I had nothing to lose and only everything to gain. My goal then turned into my lifestyle and I pursued competing and healthy living with a passion.
My inspiration comes from many different places. I draw inspiration from other athletes who i respect and admire, from seeing ordinary people accomplish great things, and from my family; they above all inspire me to believe in myself and my dreams.
Every time I read the words "Never Settle" I get the chills, as the words have so much meaning to me. I can remember countless times when I wanted to give up and seeing those words would make me have faith in myself and dig deep down inside to find the courage to keep going forward and not give up no matter how difficult the situation seemed. Those words are written everywhere for me, on my shaker cup, my gym clothes, my screen saver on my phone, sticky notes on my fridge so that I can constantly remind myself to never settle and never give anything less than my absolute best. When you say I WILL NEVER SETTLE out loud and with conviction something inside you comes alive, you feel the strength of those words speaking to you, reminding you to do your best and to never give up.
I think my biggest accomplishment came when I won my pro card, not because it was a pro card, but because it meant that I didn't give up; despite my injury and all the pain I went through that year with my hip and my health, I didn't allow myself to give up or become depressed, I fought through and I stayed focused on my goal. I worked hard, believed in myself and accomplished what I set out to do, which was simply to go from being 30 lbs. over my weight and barely able to walk to getting on stage and competing again.
I would have to say my little brothers and sisters, I know they look up to me and as their big sister I set an example for them. I want to show them that no matter how big their dreams might be, if they believe in themselves, work hard and don't quit they can and will accomplish anything they put their minds to.
Gosh, I can't really say I have an end goal. I think every time I accomplish something big I set myself a new goal. Never settle right?! ;). For me personally my goal is to help make a difference in as many lives as possible. I want to set a good example of living a healthy well-balanced life, working hard, staying positive and inspiring others. There is no end goal for me, each time I achieve something I believe it opens up doors for a bigger and better thing to accomplish.
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