Rachel Nicole

Rachel Nicole
Elite Trainer | Concord, NC
Hi, I’m Rachel Nicole. I am a military brat and now a proud military spouse from NC with an education in healthcare, a passion for modeling, competing and an addiction to fitness. There is nothing more rewarding than helping others reach their goals and realize their potential through health and fitness, which is why I started my business Rachel Nicole Fitness. I have been on my own fitness journey since 18 and continue to learn and grow each and every day. I am a firm believer that with hard work, sweat equity and a kick A$$ attitude, you can do anything you set your mind and body to do!
Do I have to choose one?!?! I feel as if my life has been full of these “aha” moments. I think realizing that lifting heavy wasn’t going to make me bulky, as a female was a big one for me. It completely changed how I trained in the gym and brought me to a new understanding in the role of diet and how that plays a part in seeing results, that it wasn’t just the work you put in the gym that helped you accomplish your goals. This is such a common misconception in the fitness industry and part of the reason my slogan or tag for Rachel Nicole Fitness is “strength is beauty”. I want women to find their inner strength and discover what a beautiful thing it is instead of being intimidated by it.
I could right you a book on what inspires me! But, I’ll save a tree and keep it simple! My husband is most certainly one of the most inspirational people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He is a non-stop go-getter and he never quits! I have yet to see him give up on anything or settle for anything less than his best and living with that every day is enough to light a fire under your A$$ for sure! He has helped push me out of my comfort zone in many avenues and it has taken me to some incredible places like having the balls to start my business and stepping on stage to compete. I also find so much inspiration from my clients. I don’t think they realize how much they affect me each day. Seeing them kick some major A$$ in their personal goals in health and fitness and working with them to realize they can make it happen is very rewarding. Some of these women are tackling things I have never had to overcome myself like bouncing back from a baby or finding their way back on track after an injury or illness. Knowing they can accomplish these things only encourages me even more, its like a circle really, once they realize they can do it and kick A$$, they blow my mind and I take something from every interaction with all of my clients!
I attribute a lot of this from growing up in a military family full of boys! Even my grandmother was in the service! I was always living in a “mans world” and things were different for girls I guess, but I was never treated that way. The same was expected of me as was for my brother, if not more b/c I was the oldest. We weren’t coddled away from things, but instead talked to very “real” even as kids, maybe too real at times for our ages but that’s just how it was. You didn’t have time to sit and whine about things that didn’t go your way you just made it happen. My dad used to always say “the sun will come up tomorrow”, and as a kid I sometimes resented this, but as I grew older I understood what he meant and it is something I try to live by. Despite what happens, life continues to go on and you have to keep going and overcome things that stand in your way.
My education. Growing up my father gave us two choices; join the military or take out student loans, either way education was heavily stressed in my family growing up so it was important we planned for the future. Because my family couldn’t afford college, he was straight up about our options. I put myself through college working sometimes 3 jobs to try and alleviate some of the debts of college and I did this while living on my own. Getting my degree was a really good feeling and a proud moment for me.
Carbs! Literally every day! Lol Besides carbs, I will just have to say something really cliché like the future. I have so much I want to do and accomplish like having a family and growing my business. I have goals to crush and new talents to discover. I have stumbled across some pretty amazing things in my life I would never have imagined for myself and I get really amped to think that despite wanting to plan certain things, the ones that surprise you are often the best things for you, even if they don’t initially seem as great as you think. The future is wide open, let’s do this!
I don’t think I really have an “end” goal but more of an ongoing goal. Life doesn’t stop until we’re dead so I’ll keep on the grind until that point! If I could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why? Man, ya’ll are hitting me with the deep stuff! I guess it would have to be that though we are constantly evolving and advancing that we would stop taking for granted where we have come from. Everything seems so “disposable” nowadays even our history. If I could spend one day with a celebrity, who would it be? I have always been a big Jim Carrey fan! I love all his movies but my favorites are the Ace Ventura movies. I love to laugh and he just seems to have this contagious way of making others laugh even when he is guest speaking. I would totally spend the day talking out of my butt to him! Hahahahah! ;-)
Hands down is the Phormula-1!!!! The CTC and Loop D Fruit flavors are my jam and I get too excited at the end of my workout b/c its like having a treat to me!
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