Tony Friedrich
Bodybuilder | St. Louis, MO
I played competitive ice hockey from the age of 10 years old on through my senior year of high school--at 150 lbs. Although I tried out and made the team my freshman year of college, I decided to pursue bodybuilding and chose not to play. At this point, I dedicated my time and effort into working out. After seriously training for a few months, the results I achieved were impressive to me at the time, and it made me want more. My bodybuilding career had officially started...
I decided to seriously pursue bodybuilding at the national level when I placed 4th at the 2010 NPC Junior Nationals. On stage, when I realized that I was in the top five of the heavyweight class, I was ecstatic. I went to the competition with the goal of cracking the top ten; so you can imagine my enthusiasm when I received a top five placing. From this point forward, my goal was to continually improve my placing at the national level and to make notable changes in my physique each year.
Honestly, I draw my inspiration from those around me. I definitely have to make a lot of sacrifices to pursue my goals, but I see the sacrifices made by those close to me as well. Witnessing the selfless acts from those individuals that are important to me is where I draw my inspiration from; these individuals are my support team and perform these selfless acts in order to help me achieve my goals. My parents, training partners, fiance, and 1st Phorm have all played a significant role in helping me advance and achieve the goals I have set for myself.
"Never Settle" means never giving up and always striving to improve yourself. When it comes to bodybuilding, or anything for that matter, you can always make improvements. I have the "Never Settle" mentality and attitude engrained in me. On a daily basis, I make sure that I perform to the best of my ability, which will result in helping me obtain my goals. At a bare minimum, I ensure that I follow my diet and get in a great workout on a daily basis.
With regard to bodybuilding, my biggest accomplishment was winning the heavyweight class and overall 2010 NPC 56th Rochester Bodybuilding Championships. At this competition, I had finally achieved the overall look and bodybuilding image that I had been striving for, and everything started to come together from this point forward. I could see the improvements that I had been working so hard to obtain. Also, there were great bodybuilders at the competition, one of which I had admired and followed for several years, and it really gave me a sense of accomplishment and achievement.
There are definitely challenging days when it comes to bodybuilding. The thoughts of how far I have come coupled with the thoughts of why not everyone is capable of advancing in this sport. There are very few individuals that are truly mentally and physically capable of handling what this sport entails. On top of all of that, I am an "all or nothing" type of guy; I have never been able to half-ass anything in my life, so I refuse to fail.
The end goal for me is to take my bodybuilding career as far as I possibly can... or as far as my body will allow me to go. I will always have a passion for the sport; it will always have a place and impact on my life.
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