Tywane Russell
Bodybuilder | Galloway, NJ
My name is Tywane Russell and I am a 31 year old BodyBuilder/Life Coach. I started exercising when I was 3 years old. I was involved in a serious head injury during that time, and my personal doctor advised my mother to get me exercising with push ups and sit ups. That's when my health and fitness journey began. I've also played basketball my entire life. When I graduated college in 2005, I realized me going to the NBA was not in the cards, so I began lifting weights consistently. Since then, I have experienced 7 surgeries (5 Knee, 1 Shoulder, 1 Bicep) and numerous set backs, yet I haven't and will never settle. Since 2005, I have worked in Juvenile Corrections for the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission as a Senior Youth Worker. I am a avid reader of non fiction material and my entire life has been about making a difference in any way I possibly can.
My aha moment came the day my son was born. I always felt an obligation to lead people and be a positive role model, but the day my son was born, I looked into his eyes and I felt a feeling I've never felt before. I knew then and there that I would do everything I can to be the best role model and best man overall that I can be and hope that I do a good enough job for him to want to be like me when his time comes.
My source of inspiration comes from the people who support me. Whether it's family, friends, or fans, hearing that someone is proud of me and supports what I'm doing inspires me to continue on my path.
Means more than a slogan. For me, it means never being content with what you have. There's a difference in being appreciative and grateful vs being content and settling. I am appreciative of everything I receive, yet I always feel I can produce more. It's a big reason behind my continuance in the health and fitness industry. Even though people compliment me and highlight my achievements, that's not enough for me ... I'll never settle for just that. I want more, and I will get more simply because I want to give more! As long as I'm alive, there's always more to give.
Becoming a Father
My Frame Of Reference along with knowing I have so much more to accomplish and I have so many more people to reach. Knowing that anythings possible if I continue to believe in myself regardless of my circumstances. Because I've made it through so many rough times in my life, my frame of reference is built to break through adversity, and that's what keeps me pushing forward even when times are tough for me.
The end goal for me is to leave this world and the lives I've come in contact with better than when I first came in contact with them.
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