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10 ways to tell you’re NOT in a powerlifting gym

2 min read

  1. People are using power racks to curl.
  2. When you hear the term “gear”, it’s not referring to bench shirts and squat suits.
  3. Ammonia is being used to clean, not inhaled before a big lift.
  4. People are squatting…. just not to parallel.
  5. Good mornings are exchanged, not being performed.
  6. There is a list of rules posted on the wall.
  7. The Reverse Hyper machine is only used to put your towels and water bottles on.
  8. There is no chalk box.
  9. The music being played is considered “Top 40”.
  10. Most people in the gym don’t like you.

Of course this is meant to be a joke; however they tend to unfortunately be true.  In a powerlifting gym you will find the most helpful people who want to see you succeed in getting stronger.  This means you won’t find a rules board where chalk and grunting are banned.  You also won’t find people using three machines to superset their arms.  You will see people performing exercises to make them functionally stronger like good mornings, reverse hypers, glute ham raises, squats and deadlifts.  If you’re stuck in a rut and are looking for motivation, a gym change just might be what you need.  There are plenty of gyms in the area which cater to powerlifters, strongmen or athletes in general.  Go visit one and see if this kind of gym’s atmosphere is what you’ve been lacking.  And don’t let a ‘powerlifting’ gym intimidate you!  Powerlifters may seem tough… but we’re all here to be supportive and encouraging to other athletes looking to make the most of their body and strength!

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1st Phorm Athlete Nick Weite
1st Phorm Athlete Nick Weite

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