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1st Phorm Athlete Search

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2017 1st Phorm Athlete Search

Are you ready to become 1 of the ELITE? Ready to have your life changed forever? To be recognized as a sponsored athlete and the face of the fastest growing supplement brand in the world? Did you answer: “Yes!” … Great, now the next question is … How bad do you want it? As I am sure you would agree, actions speak louder than words, so show us. Starting right NOW … the $50,000 1st Phorm Athlete Search is on and we are looking for people who represent our core values and leave a positive impact on the world around them.

What is the 1st Phorm Athlete Search?

Please watch this video to answer that question and find out exactly what we are looking for in selecting the next 1st Phorm Elite Athlete …

Here is a quick recap: We are looking for 6 people to join our team … 1 Elite Athlete and 5 Brand Ambassadors. The five new Brand Ambassadors receive free 1st Phorm products for 1 year.  The person chosen as the elite athlete receives a 2-year signed contract as a fully sponsored Elite Athlete and gets $50,000.

What are the details of the Athlete Sponsorship?

As a sponsored athlete you’ll get FREE athlete stacks each month. On top of that, you’ll be part of the select few who get to take part in our athlete weekends, athlete trips and special events like Summer Smash.

How do you win the Athlete Search?

You watched the video … so you know this isn’t a popularity contest nor does it matter how perfectly symmetrical your abs are. This is about finding real people who share the same core beliefs we have. It’s about finding people who help others get results.

It’s about finding people who want to help us continue making a difference in not only fitness, but the world.

You are probably asking yourself: “What do I have to do?” It all starts by signing up … Enter by tapping the link right here and filling out the simple form. 1stPhormAthleteSearch.com



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Will Grumke
Will Grumke

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