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1st Phorm – Memorial Day Release

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Some may think that this day is just a 3-day weekend and an excuse to get off of work, BBQ and drink some adult beverages but it should be about honoring those who have given everything to protect our freedom. Well, here at 1st Phorm, we know the true meaning of Memorial Day… we honor this day in remembrance of those who have given their lives defending our flag and the freedoms and rights that it represents. We hope that you will do them a favor by making each day count without taking for granted what they have fought so hard to protect. If you have followed us for any amount of time you know the love we have for the Military… it is something that is very near and dear to our hearts and the we will always have a military heart beat.   This is not about taking advantage of an opportunity to have a sale… this is an opportunity to be able to design some pieces to support the Men and Women who have sacrificed for us to have the opportunity  to do what we do and to honor the Red White and Blue.  So we made some cool gear to support the great country we live in … and the troops serving us with our Buy 1 Gift 1 Program (see the video at the end).



What would Memorial Day be without a salute to our troops? That’s why we have come up with this new Troop Salute T-Shirt, to truly show our thanks and support for those who continually sacrifice for us. An America Flag is proudly printed on the back in full color, while NEVER SETTLE, below it, lets everyone know what you’re all about.  A 60/40 ringspun cotton/polyester blend guarantees a comfortable fit and feel.

Order your Men’s 1st Phorm Troop Salute T-Shirt HERE.

Order your Women’s 1st Phorm Troop Salute T-Shirt HERE.




Are you or is someone you know in the military? Yes? Then this is the shirt for you, Pham! In an effort to pay tribute to those who have served or are currently serving in our U.S. Military, we present the 1st Phorm Dog Tag T-Shirt. We wanted to keep the design simple on this shirt with dog tags hanging from our 1P logo on the front and a blacked out flag on the back. As always, this is printed on a super soft and perfect fitting, 60/40 blend t-shirt.

Order your Men’s 1st Phorm Dog Tag T-Shirt HERE.

Order your Women’s 1st Phorm Dog Tag T-Shirt HERE.




As the name implies, this band proudly embodies our red, white, and blue! The Stars and Stripes 1P Band will definitely be an eye catcher this summer. An outlined 1P is just enough to stand out on this patriotic band. Made of 89% polyester/11% spandex, these bands are odor resistant, breathable, soft, and moisture wicking when you need it most.

Order your 1st Phorm Stars and Stripes 1P Band HERE.




When the sun is shining bright this summer, what else would you want to protect your eyes than the NEVER SETTLE Shades?! The classic design sunglasses never get old, but combine that with a matte black finish, and NEVER SETTLE on the side, and people will definitely want to swipe these for themselves.

Order your 1st Phorm NEVER SETTLE Shades HERE.



If you couldn’t tell by the name, we love our freedoms as Americans… So much so that we wanted a hat to display our motto BODLY in red, white, and blue! With the colors of the American flag, this NEVER SETTLE Freedom Snapback will catch the eye of everyone around you. Whether you like more blue or more red, we gotcha covered.

Order your 1st Phorm NEVER SETTLE Freedom Snapback HERE.


That’s it for the Memorial Day Release! You’re going to love new gear as much as we loved making it! Don’t forget, for every purchase of this release’s t-shirts we will gift one to a brave soldier overseas. We hope you love the all new 1stphorm.com! We’ve worked tirelessly to bring you a better, faster, and easier to navigate website.  We want to wish you all a fun and safe weekend, and as always….NEVER SETTLE!


Never Settle!
— Team 1st Phorm


























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Tony Zurbriggen
Tony Zurbriggen

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