1st Phorm Release – The GR8 Release

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Let’s kick off this week with a bang! We are very proud to announce that 1st Phorm is this years Title Sponsor for goldRush Rally (GR8).  Traveling the country meeting our fans is always awesome and something that we are so unbelievably excited to do with some great friends.  With that being said,  you know we like to travel in style and we didn’t want to leave you guys hanging on our new LIMITED EDITION APPAREL…  So we thought that we would bring it to you a week early so we could travel in style together.   As an added bonus, every order of one of the new GR8 items will receive a Limited Edition Gold NEVER SETTLE Koozie Cup. .. FREE.



From the wisdom of Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, you’re last!”…and  truer words have never been spoken. We believe in being first in all areas and that includes our new Limited Edition Gold Rush Rally Apparel. With 1st Phorm as the Premier sponsor of this years GR8, we believe it will be the “GR8EST” one yet! This Tribute design is a premium T that is super soft and lightweight and a GUARANTEED new staple in your rotation.  *LIMITED AVAILABILITY*!

Order your Limited Edition Men’s GR8 Shake and Bake T-Shirt HERE.

Order your Limited Edition Women’s GR8 Shake and Bake T-Shirt HERE.




This year we are proud to be the top sponsor for the GR8 goldRush Rally. As you might have noticed by now, when we do something here at 1st Phorm, we go big! So we went big with the gold on this super soft, 4.2 oz, lightweight t-shirt. This years map of the rally sits on top of a gold GR8 on the back of this t-shirt, while the goldRush logo replaces the “O” on the front of the 1st PHORM logo. This being a premium triblend material means it tends to run a size small, so sizing up is recommended. *LIMITED AVAILABILITY*.

Order your Limited Edition Men’s GR8 1ST PHORM TriblendT-Shirt HERE.

Order your Limited Edition Woemn’s GR8 1ST PHORM TriblendT-Shirt HERE.




Since our motto is “Never Settle”, we saw GR8 as the perfect opportunity to add some bling to your new favorite t-shirt. We took the black on black NEVER SETTLE design, garnished it with gold striping and added the goldRush Rally logo to it. The perfect mix of badass and baller. Being that quality is our top priority, it really shows with the feel of these 60/40 cotton/poly shirts. *LIMITED AVAILABILITY*.

Order your Limited Edition Men’s GR8 NEVER SETTLE T-Shirt HERE.

Order your Limited Edition Women’s GR8 NEVER SETTLE T-Shirt HERE.




This new Limited Edition goldRush Snapback not only looks badass, but it will make you feel like one too! A sleek “1st PHORM” logo in metallic gold thread is embroidered on the front left side, and the goldRush logo is stitched on the side. Featuring a breathable polyester mesh back means it will keep you cool in the heat, while the plastic snap closure will ensure a perfect fit to any size noggin’. A very limited number will be available so get yours before they sell out!! Order your Limited Edition GR8 1st PHORM Snapback HERE.




Keep your can cool and your hands protected with the all-new Limited Edition Gold NEVER SETTLE Coolie Cup! These bad boys are FREE, but the only way to get your hands on one is with an order of any GR8 item purchase.


Well, that’s it for this year’s goldRush Rally gear! If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out MyTransphormationStartsToday.com, where we are already, with your help, changing the way people look at the fitness industry. Also, be sure to check out our Clearance page for loads of gear that is priced to move! Keep working hard and NEVER SETTLE!


Never Settle!

— Team 1st Phorm



























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