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7 Quick Weight Loss and Diet Tips for Christmas

3 min read

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We all have various fitness goals … Whether it is fat loss, weight gain, or simply getting healthier we know how hard you work to earn results. During the Holidays it can be difficult to balance enjoying the time around loved ones and making progress. Truth be told, we are believers of worrying more about the people around you and all that there is to be grateful for than hitting your macros. With that being said, here are 7 simple nutrition tips for Christmas. These will make sure that you fully enjoy yourself but do not regret it on the 26th. Some of these you may even do everyday already!

Phamily Party

Slow Down. Breath. Enjoy! 

Make sure to socialize with family and friends. Enjoy your surroundings. Christmas is not about food and gifts. So make sure you focus on those around you and as a bonus … you will eat less food!


Winter Running

Move Your Body.

Most of us will not be doing our normal Friday workouts. But lets all make an agreement that we will make sure to find ways to move around. Whether it is dominating my cousins in backyard football, or walking the block with my grandma, I will be moving. What are you going to do to move your body?


Christmas Dinner

Don’t beat yourself up.

If you are someone who typically prepares food and plans out precise meal times … I would recommend not putting that kind of pressure on yourself. Trust me, it’s not fun. If things do not go according to plan … no worries, grab a drink and catch up with family. No need to stress out that you’re eating an hour later than planned.


Drink More Water

Drink water!

Making sure to keep your water intake high will help you stay full. Do NOT chug water all day so you feel too full to eat .. that is not the point. We are simply keeping water intake high to help prevent unnecessary snacking.


Chipolte Buffet

Eat when you are hungry.

If you fall into the trap of obsessing about food and eating everything in sight … you are going to regret it. Instead, when you are hungry … eat a normal sized meal of whatever you want and move on.


1stPorm YoungGuns

Eat more slowly.

Literally … slow down. If you properly chew your food and slow down you will help with digestion and the absorption of essential nutrients into the body. So you will actually get more of a benefit form the delicious food!


1stPhorm Buffet

Don’t starve yourself.

Unfortunately people will starve their body the day before or the day after. Not only will this actually slow your metabolism … but no one likes crabby family members … so don’t be one!


All in all, make sure you have a wonderful day. What you eat will not make or break your results. So loosen up … relax … and enjoy!

Share 7 Quick Weight Loss & Diet Tips for Christmas on Facebook

From all of us here at 1st Phorm … MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Will Grumke
Will Grumke

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