90% of how you look is diet and supplementation? Is this true?

Well, it is impossible to put an exact percentage number on how important nutrition and supplementation is when it comes to transPHORMing your body. There are many factors that go into your results other than nutrition and supplements (exercise routine, age, gender, hormone levels, starting point, sleep … and the list goes on). Some people will say nutrition and supplementation is 60% of your results, some 70%, some 80% and so on.

Let’s look at these numbers a bit … if you earned a 70% in school it was considered a “C.” A “C” is the marker for average. If you wanted to do better in school, did you continue to put in the same effort that earned you a “C” and hope it magically turned into and “A”…? Most likely not. That is not how it works. To earn a better grade you had to make positive changes in your routine and habits.

Therefore it would not make sense to believe that you can continue to eat well 70% of the time or 80% of the time and have a body of someone who eats well 90% of the time. To be clear, I am not saying everyone needs to be super lean, or jacked… everyones goals are different. I am also not saying that everyone needs to be on a super strict diet. What I am saying is that your nutrition will play a major role in your transPHORMation.

There is a lot of truth to the old saying “you are what you eat.” The better you eat … the better your results. If you are not happy with the results you are earning … get your nutrition and supplementation in order and start earning the results you want!