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Arms for Summer

2 min read

Alright ladies, get out the tank tops it’s time to show off those arms and all that hard work you did over the winter.  Wait….what hard work??  I forgot about my arms this winter since they have been covered up!  No worries, this is exactly what I keep hearing from all my clients so you are not alone.

But if beautiful, feminine, toned arms are your goal, I am here to tell you the only way you can improve your arms is to lift weights. Just the other day I had a thin lady come into my studio who was not satisfied with her arms. She was a runner and had been her whole life. Now at 40 she could tell her arms (triceps) were flabby.  As I explained to her the importance of weights she started to understand that as we get older lifting weights becomes more and more important.  So if you are reading this and in the same predicament as this new client of mine, here is a great workout for your arms that is fast and effective.  Do this 3 times per week before you go to bed & you will see a difference in just 2 weeks.

Do the following exercises 15x each.  Do not pause until you complete one entire set of all three exercises, then take a 20sec pause and start again.  Make sure you time your pause. Repeat this loop 3 to 4 times. When you reach your 3rd round your arms will be on fire… but the burn is good ladies!  Learn to embrace the burn.  It will get you want you want!

  1. Wide push-ups
  2. Narrow tricep push ups (keep your elbows along your side)
  3. Tricep dip

To prove how much you will loose, lift your arm and pull the skin/fat down away from your tricep. Take a measurement with a tape measure and write it down.  Keep track of your progress over the next few weeks, and you will have your arms in shape in no time!

Till next time, remember… Consistency Over Time.

The Trasey Twins

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1st Phorm Athletes Michelle and Kristie Trasey
1st Phorm Athletes Michelle and Kristie Trasey

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