Becker Built Off Season Bodybuilding Diet

Injury Update:

At almost 8 weeks post-injury, I would estimate that I am functioning around 70%. Training is going pretty well and I’m getting into the gym at least 4 days a week. At this point, I am just finding it hard to hit upper body movements on consecutive days. I won’t start hitting chest until January 1st so I am just focusing on all other body parts for now. I’m still receiving massage and acupuncture therapy weekly, which has really helped me recover. I will probably have to continue this protocol for quite some time. Since injuring my pec and bicep, I stopped weighing myself daily as I once did. I finally stepped on the scale the other day at the gym and my weight was 252 lbs. I’m actually pretty satisfied with my current weight, considering that my training has been limited from what it usually is. As promised here are some pics of what my chest and bicep are looking like at this point.

1st Phorm “Phormula 1” is awesome!:

I want to give the 1st Phorm team some major props for their new hydrolyzed protein isolate, Phormula-1. Holy crap if you haven’t tried this stuff yet, you are missing out! Take it from me; over the years I have had the opportunity to try anything and everything for my post workout nutrition, and this is by far the best tasting and most effective isolate that I have ever used! For those of you who don’t know much about the different kinds of protein out there, let me break if down for you. Most bodybuilders like to incorporate isolate proteins for providing a quick bolus of protein after a hard workout to help repair the muscles we have just annihilated in the gym! Combined with the fast acting carbohydrates and micro nutrients in 1st Phorm’s Ignition, you are sure to make the most of your time in the gym! I know the guys at 1st Phorm pride themselves in the research and design of the 1st Phorm product line and this is just another piece of the puzzle. At a recent dinner meeting I learned that there were over 150 lab revisions to this product before it was released, evident by the fact I have been waiting almost a year to try Phormula-1, and I have to say it was definitely worth the wait! This revolutionary isolate will be a great addition to anyone supplement arsenal.

Off-season commencement:

Right now, I am getting ready to embark on the following regimented off-season diet. In the past I have pretty much eaten whatever I wanted in the off-season and then I usually roll into a 12-14 week pre-contest diet. I naturally stay pretty lean even when eating a bunch of crap, but things are different now. Time is of the essence. I’ve gotten that fire back and I want to maximize my bodybuilding potential and not succumb to the adversity of the injury I’ve suffered. I’m also holding myself more accountable due to the fact I now represent the 1st Phorm team. My immediate plans are to add some mass and hit the National stage late next year…stay tuned!

Here is the diet that I will be following in the weeks to come. I will include a “whatever meal” about every third day to take the place of either meal #3 or #6. This cheat meal will be important to keep my metabolism stoked and at the same time will give me something to look forward to. I have also included foods that I can eat on a daily basis, no matter what my schedule is. For example if I get into a crunch I can always go to Q’doba and get a naked steak burrito for a moderately lean meal on the go. Hell, I dieted on Q’doba for two shows this year, but I will leave that for another blog! I am very excited to get started and will keep you all posted.

Becker Built Off Season Bodybuilding Diet

Meal 1 1½ cup oats
16 oz carton of egg beaters*
* you can drink the egg beaters since they are pasteurized. I’ve been doing this for years due to the fact that they are very convenient and have no fat, little carbs and over 40 grams of protein.
Meal 2 2 scoops of 1st Phorm “Level 1” protein
2 rice cakes (I like the caramel crunch kind)
2 tbsp all-natural peanut butter
Meal 3 10 oz 90% lean beef (ground beef cooked in a skillet with taco seasoning)
1 cup brown rice
½ cup pinto or black beans
Meal 4 10 oz grilled chicken or turkey
1 cup white rice
1 cup vegetable medley
Workout Whatever is on the schedule for that particular day.
Post workout 2 scoops 1st Phorm “Phormula-1” (a great way to get a quick surge of protein to repair my muscles after a training session)
1 scoop 1st Phorm “Ignition” (a supplement that replaces glycogen to prevent muscle catabolism and spikes insulin to drive protein directly into the muscle)
Meal 5 (within 1 hour of training session) 10 oz 90% lean beef
1 cup brown rice
½ cup pinto or black beans
Meal 6 1 cup oats
2 scoops 1st Phorm “Level 1” protein
Calories: 5100
Fat: 140 g
Carbs: 520 g
Protein:440 g

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Until next time, be consistent, and stay balanced.