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Coconut Craze

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Grocery stores are constantly introducing new foods and products.  One group that I have seen growing in popularity and filling more and more shelf space is coconut related products.  Coconuts are classified as a nut, seed and fruit all in one.  It does not belong exclusively to the nut family, where they are commonly mistaken to solely belong. They are known for their lightly sweet flavor and high water content.  Coconut products are used for cooking, baking, health and longevity, even for beauty. Some products you might find are.

Coconut Oil- This coconut product is commonly used for cooking, baking and frying. It’s even used as an ingredient in hair care and skincare products.  When using coconut oil in food preparation, be mindful to use this product in moderation, it is still a fat.

Coconut Milk- Can be a great milk substitution for those who avoid cow’s milk due to Lactose Intolerance. Coconut milk is Lactose-free, lower in fat and contains a high amount of antioxidants. It is richer in consistency and naturally sweet and refreshing to drink.

Coconut Palm Sugar- This type of sugar is an all-natural sugar with a low glycemic index, which means it can help to regulate your blood sugar. NO crazy spikes or crashes throughout the day with this product!

Coconut Butter- This creamy butter is not only used for cooking purposes but also for skincare and hair care, just as coconut oil is, because of its protein content. Coconut butter is also a great alternative for real butter and has been found to regulate blood sugar.

Coconut water or juice – Coconut water, sometimes referred to as coconut juice, is the clear liquid found inside young coconuts and packaged.  It has been praised for its high mineral and potassium content.  It has grown in popularity as a natural energy and sports drink.

Whether it is to watch your blood sugar and calories or improve the quality of your hair and skin or just to try something different in your food prep routine, you can see there are a lot of key benefits to using these popular coconut products.  It is good to get out and try something new, especially if you’ve already been missing out on these up and coming products!

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1st Phorm Athlete Angela Coleman
1st Phorm Athlete Angela Coleman

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