Contest Prep for IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure in Culver City

Wake up and run downstairs… it’s time for cardio!!! This, along with a second hour-long cardio session scheduled for later today seems like a lot, but I’m still not finished! Yes, back again for another hour, but weight training this time. So why do I do this? Because I love it!

I love pushing myself and the challenge associated with every competition. When it comes to training for each show I have to take a different approach. I consider where my physique is as I start, and where it needs to be come show time. The previous show is always my starting point. I find out what did the judges want me to change, and change it.

I was too small and lean at my last show, so this time I will be focusing on maintaining a little more size while coming in lean but not too lean. It may seem kinda easy, but it has been a real challenge! I had to really play with my carb and protein intake.

I have cut back on my carbs as I get closer to the show, which is a big difference from the last show. I have also dropped a meal and increased the protein in my other meals. This has made my cravings really intense. To help control this, as well as counteract exhaustion, I’ve been thankful for 1-Db Goddess.

With these diet changes I also have focused more on tie-ins. Because of my height my legs have trouble holding a good amount of muscle and I really need my legs to pull themselves together more. So my leg workouts have been taking up most of my week. And while I’ve been giving them time in between to rest and heal it can be challenging due to the amount of cardio I do.

My cardio routine always consist of intervals. I am able to burn more fat with the fluctuation of my heart rate going up and down. When I’m on a roll it’s hard to slow down, but you have to remember that burning at a constantly high heart rate can effect your ability to hold on to muscle. Always work smarter, not harder! And I know full well, this last week will be the hardest!!

Lastly, I will have to start dropping my sodium and citric acid this week due to their water retaining properties. I certainly don’t want to hold massive amounts of unwanted water!

Okay, that’s officially a glimpse into the last week of my contest prep before this weekend’s show, the Tournament of Champions in Culver City! I will be keeping my facebook fan page updated on my progress this last week and at the show. Wish me luck and thank you for all your support and thoughts!!!