Don’t Borrow Sugar from Your Neighbor!

Have you ever noticed the number of television ads that have a woman sneaking off to the freezer for ice cream or into the pantry for cookies? There’s a reason. People can relate to the sugar cravings shown in them! I certainly do! But here are a few tips I personally use to help keep the cookie-monster away.

• Appetite Suppressants – Yes, these really work. Just be sure to find one that isn’t only full of caffeine, which is a cheap appetite suppressant alternative. A high quality suppressant should help you keep your cravings away, not make you feel jittery, and boost your overall mood since cutting calories and sweets can make your body feel deprived and almost ‘mad’ at first. 1-Db Goddess does an awesome job of helping me control my sugar cravings!

• Drink Water – As simple as it seems, drinking more water throughout the day can help you feel ‘fuller’ and cut down your body’s craving for sweets or other unhealthy foods. Not to mention drinking water actually boosts your calorie burning potential!

• Drink Tea – Tea can act as a natural appetite suppressant (watch the calories here).

• Eat more veggies – Grabbing a few veggies can be easy when you’re on the go (think snap peas, baby carrots, cucumber slices). They really help fill your belly, and keep you colon clean.

• Drink Protein Shakes – Meal replacement protein shakes that have slow –assimilating protein are meant to help keep you feeling fuller longer since they digest more similarly to food then other protein shakes on the market. There are many yummy flavors too, which can help you quench your sweet tooth!

• Eat more often – By eating every 2 to 3 hours you’re helping to prevent drops in blood sugar, which can lead to intense hunger.

• Limit Artificial Sweeteners – With all the advertising dollars spent on artificial sweeteners you may think they’re a safe alternative to real sugar, but in reality if overused they can actually cause cravings, contribute to fat storage and distress to your digestive system.

• Sleep!! – Yes, getting adequate amounts of sleep can help you reduce your sugar drive. Not allowing your body to sleep the proper amount it needs (everyone’s sleep needs are different) you can cause higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone circulating in the body which increases appetite.

While we’d all like to say we have incredible will-power and fight cravings on our own, I know we could really all use a few tips and tricks when it comes to cutting cravings! Hope these help and keep you from knocking on your neighbor’s door for a cup of sugar!