Don’t Talk to Me, I’m Dieting

by 1st Phorm Athlete Brett Becker June 03, 2010 2 min read

I just returned on Saturday from a week in Mexico with Gillian and some friends of ours. We had a blast! Sunday marked the initiation of the pre-contest diet phase for my next show: the IFBB North Americans, September 3rd in Cleveland Ohio. I’m very grateful to have overcome an almost career ending injury in the fall and after thoughtful consideration, I decided to make this my next show. Last year, I did my own diet and although I was pleased with my conditioning, I decided to hand the reigns over to my nutrition coach, trainer & good buddy Ronnie Gregorecz who will be handling all aspects of my pre-contest diet. I was under his guise in 2005 when I took the heavyweight class at the NPC Jr USA’s and I hope to bring an even better package to the stage in September. Things are a little different than they were 5 years ago. I’m no longer a single man with all the time in the world. I’m a dad, a husband, a home-owner and I juggle all that with a career as a Registered Nurse. Let’s not forget that I’m also a little older now. I’ve always said it’s a good idea to have someone experienced, besides yourself, handle your diet for several reasons: 1) it keeps you accountable 2) we tend to go a little easier on ourselves when we are in control of what we choose to eat and 3) in bodybuilding its best to have an experienced person look at your physique and tell you where you are at and give you honest feedback. In the past, I’ve been known to be a bit of a bear when it comes to dieting for a show, hence this is the shirt I often wear:

One of the biggest challenges of getting ready for a show is juggling all of your priorities and maintaining quality relationships with the people around you. It can be hard to feel like you want to be around anybody when you are sore, fatigued and hungry. This time around, I have Brady and Gillian to think about and I want to do my very best to be a good bodybuilder while being a great husband and dad.

Until next time, be consistent, and stay balanced.


1st Phorm Athlete Brett Becker
1st Phorm Athlete Brett Becker