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Fall Gear Release

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It’s that time of the year, here in the Midwest, where the temperature goes from 100 to 0 real quick. You never really know what to expect. One day it could be hot and sunny, the next day it’s chilly and raining, then the next it could possibly snow! That’s why, unlike your pumpkin spice latte, this Fall Gear Release is anything but basic. We’ve got everything from 3/4 sleeve t-shirts, hats, henleys, and lifting accessories, to warm and cozy hoodies. Now you don’t have to worry about catching a cold on your morning run through the neighborhood or keeping warm during your workout routine. We’ve got you covered, literally. Also, don’t forget to check out our latest athlete search for your chance to win big money! Now, without further delay here is our 1st Phorm Fall Gear Release.


Whether you’re from way up north or right here in the Midwest, you know how cold it can get in the fall and winter months. That’s why we, here at 1P, are on a mission to help keep you warm while keeping you cool. {insert sunglasses emoji} Introducing the very first, 1st Phorm flannel shirt!! This shirt is garnished with a very clean Phresh 1st Phorm stitched on the back of the left shoulder and a 1P tag on the front pocket. This super soft 100% cotton flannel material will shrink when washed, so sizing up & hanging dry is recommended. You can choose between black/grey or blue/white colors, or grab both!

Order your 1st Phorm Mens Phresh Phlannel HERE.



Since we had such an incredible reaction to the last hat with the BOOM-Team patch, we decided to bring it back in an even more exclusive type of combo. This black heather snapback is now available with the 1st PHORM patch! If you are one of the 60 people to get this hat, consider yourself special as hell because that’s all we are producing.

Order your Limited Edition 1st Phorm Shadow Snapback HERE.



There’s nothing we love wearing more in the fall than hoodies and 3/4 sleeves. Am I right, Pham?! We loved this baseball-style shirt so much, there was no question about including it in this gear release. Made of 50% cotton/50% polyester, the Phit 3/4 has great breathability and a superior fit. When you wear it to the gym or out on the town you will looked jacked! Priorities!

Order your Women’s Phit 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt HERE.

Order your Men’s Phit 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt HERE.



The reactions we’ve been getting from the Phresh design have been so incredible, we just HAD to bring it on board this release… This time, in the form of a perfect-fitting hoodie. A poly/cotton blend ensures that the feel of this hoodie matches the fit. An American flag printed on the left of the raglan contrasting sleeves really sets this design apart from the rest.

Order your 1st Phorm Mens Phresh Hoodie HERE.




Last year, when we introduced the Nightshade Hoodie, we didn’t expect the incredible reaction we received from our Phamily! So this year, we’ve revamped the design and made it better than ever. Our Phresh logo is printed right across the chest in matching blue, and the hashtag #iam1stphorm sits on the left shoulder. This 100% polyester fleece makes this pullover feel like nothing else out there!

Order your 1st Phorm Womens Nightshade 2.0 Hoodie HERE.



With all the crossfit and powerlifting we have been doing lately we thought it was a good time to introduce some extra support in our workouts. The Legion of Boom Power Wraps are the perfect solution when trying to help add some stability and support to your wrist, while minimizing stress to your joints. The best part is they are made right here in the good ol’ USA!

Order your 1st Phorm LOB Power Wrist Wraps HERE.



It’s that time of year when Mother Nature starts turning down the thermostat. That’s why we wanted to hook you up with some cool threads. The Mens 1P Henley is just what the doctor ordered. A 1P is printed on the left chest next to the 4 button henley design, and #iam1stphorm sits on the left shoulder. This long sleeve shirt is made of a ringspun cotton/poly blend, which ensures that this will not only feel like a million bucks but it won’t shrink on ya.

Order your 1st Phorm Men’s 1P Henley HERE.




Ladies, don’t you think it’s about time for your own Ath-leasure wear like the guys? Well, we did too. This tri-blend, lightweight, hooded t-shirt is the perfect choice whether you’re headed into the gym or out on your morning run embracing the seasonal changes of fall. Did we mention it’s also eco-friendly? That’s right, it is 12% organic and recycled material. Who would have guessed with such a soft, luxury feel?!

Order your 1st Phorm Womens Hooded Phresh T-Shirt HERE.



This military green hoodie will have you feeling like a total badass who happens to know a thing or two about looking good. The Generation 1P logo is proudly printed on the chest to match the green of the sleeves, and a poly/cotton blend ensures that the feel of this hoodie matches the fit. An American flag printed on the left sleeve of the raglan contrasting sleeves really sets this design apart from the rest.

Order your 1st Phorm Mens 1.P Joe Hoodie HERE.



Ladies, you’re going to need a new hoodie this fall, so we’ve gotchya covered. You know that favorite hoodie of yours that you’ve worn everywhere? You know the one; you refused to take it off until summertime. Well, this is going to be your replacement. The most comfortable feel paired with a V-cut neckline, and the old school pull strings make this hoodie a must-have item. No matter if you’re just lounging around the house or using it to warm up at the gym, you’ll never want to take it off.

Order your 1st Phorm Womens Comphort 1P Hoodie HERE.



Right now, as the weather transitions from hot to chilly, you need something to match mother natures mood swings. With the new Segway Hooded T-Shirt you won’t have to worry about what to put on when you leave the house. When a short sleeve is too cold and a hoodie is too hot for your outdoor activities, this is where this piece shines best. Being a 100% combed ringspun cotton means a premium feel but also means it can shrink in the dryer, so be mindful if you are between sizes.

Order your 1st Phorm Mens Segway Hooded T-Shirt HERE.


Order your 1st Phorm Womens Segway Hooded T-Shirt HERE.



Ladies, are you looking for a functional shirt for this fall? The new Hooded 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt is just what you need. Featuring a V-neck cut, 3/4 sleeves, this super lightweight shirt ensures you will not overheat when you are doing your new DIY project on the house. Having the hood on hand ands a nice option if it starts raining out of no where, and let’s face it… it will. This is made of 100% slub jersey cotton so shrinking is expected if put in the dryer.

Order your 1st Phorm Womens Hooded 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt HERE.



That’s all for the Fall Gear Release! We know you will love the apparel during this chilly season. Make sure to check out our new Athlete Search going on until the end of the year! We will be choosing 1 $50,000 athlete winner and 5 new brand ambassadors to represent who we are. It’s never too late to sign up and show us how you live the 1st Phorm lifestyle. Have a fun and safe fall!!

— Team 1st Phorm

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Tony Zurbriggen
Tony Zurbriggen

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