Finding Drive in Challenging Times

Lets talk drive… No not the new movie coming out, and not the kind you do on a road, but the kind that gets you in gear!

Over my years of training and competing I have had many clients, friends, family members and 1st Phorm fans ask what drives me.  I find this to be a wonderful question for anyone to ask themselves on a regular basis!  As I take an honest look into my own drive and dreams, I have come to realize that it’s the ability to help inspire others to be the best they can be, while being the best ‘me’ I can be that always come back as my answer.

I love to help people feel good in their own skin. I want to share my life, my struggles and my successes with people so that they too can grow and learn from my experiences. I would say most of my drive comes from YOU.   You give me encouragement, motivation, and inspiration along the way. You continue to push and drive me as much as I drive myself. I believe this is how it should be : people helping and motivating each other. Motivation is definitely a two way street!

I few weeks ago competed in a show where I found my size lacking.  This obstacle has sent me back to the drawing board.  It’s a new challenge that I’m facing and need to learn how to overcome. While this next ‘more size’ journey will take some time, I find that it’s worth the investment every time!  My drive far outweighs this bump in the road, and it even makes me want to fight and work harder to move towards my goals!

So where do I start?  I’ve begun putting together an outline for my personal success in this area and below I’ve outlined some of my personal size-building specific game plan.

When putting on more size as a physique competitor:

  • I consider my symmetry and pinpoint where my size is lacking.
  • I never start doing a blanket overall size build, that is usually not what my body needs.
  • Always keep my waist small and focus on that taper.
  • I will work to expand my back and my quads.
  • I will start doing back, and legs twice a week: high reps and one day and the next sessions high weight.
  • I need to be cautious of over training. By over doing it I could tear down my muscle too much.
  • Give myself time in between hard workouts to heal and rebuild. Replenishing my body with a high quality glucose source immediately after an intense weight session is also key in replenishing my glycogen stores, aiding in nutrient intake and building muscle. Increasing carbs and protein around these rebuilding days is also a good idea.

So now that I have a plan of action… it’s time to put it in place!

As I start working the plan I will explain in my blogs the specific exercises or other workout programs I chose to implement.  As I mentioned above, it’s all about sharing and growing in our experiences together that helps us all grow as a whole.  Here’s to the journey ahead, and the renewed drive I’m about to put into overdrive!!!