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Fun Ways to Sweat

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Hitting the gym three times a week or more can start to get really old!  Me?  I do seven times a week and I have to invest in three different gyms just to keep myself from getting bored.  So, in this blog article I’m going to try and spice it up with some different types of training!

I am becoming a big fan of boot camps.  They offer people something fun to try with their friends and are an exciting way to workout.  Many have more of a military feel and are done outside in groups.  These usually work the whole body so you get some cardio, strength training and even toning.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to be outside and enjoying the fresh air.  And depending on the difficulty level, this may be a great way to workout with your kids that actually keeps their attention for a while!

Another good way to sweat that gets my stamp of approval is P90X.  This system is truly amazing.  You have cardio, stretching, yoga, Pilates, strength training, and more. You can even do it at home and at your own pace.  But remember, you have to keep yourself motivated so you follow through on your P90X training all the way to the end.  Maybe invite a friend over to your house and do it together!

With nice weather starting to show up, you can also now go outside and create your own ways to burn off some calories. Try playing a fun, active game with the kids, like running races.  My nephews love to play outside so we do games that include working out…. ha-ha they never know the difference!!!

If you don’t have kids, get your friends involved. Meet up and play football, basketball or volleyball.  I’ve already heard of several sand volleyball leagues forming for the spring and summer seasons.

Working out in a pool is another wonderful option.  If you don’t have one, then find and utilize the public pool.  Swimming burns massive calories and as it starts to get really hot outside, can keep you cool at the same time you’re actually working out.  Ingenious!

And if your friends are busy, don’t forget about Fido!  He wants to mix up his routine too and be outside in the nicer weather with you!  I love taking my dog to the park and doing exercises with him.  They are ‘man’s best friend’ after all!!  Thankfully, he is pretty fast and certainly keeps me in check. 

Finally, don’t leave out investments like trampolines, bikes or even roller blades. These are fun ways to mix up your regular gym routine as well as be outside!

I hope this helps you start off your spring season with some good alternative ideas to get in shape and have fun at the same time.  If you have any other ideas I would love to hear them so please post them on my Facebook fan page so we can share.

Thanks for listening! – Jodie

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1st Phorm Athlete Jodie Minear
1st Phorm Athlete Jodie Minear

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