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Going Tropical

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As summer gets warmer and the allure of sweet, fresh fruits gets stronger, we must remember that some are better than others. The fruit that I want to cover today in all its wonders is… pineapple!  No, it doesn’t come from a pine tree… and no, it’s not a form of apple. It was, however, named pineapple because the exterior of the fruit resembles a pinecone.

In my book this fruit is delicious, but until I started fully researching it I didn’t know how beneficial it was too.  One amazing thing to cover is that pineapples produce enzymes that contain anti-inflammatory properties that benefit our internal organs.  Other vitamins include: Vitamin C, Manganese, and Vitamin B1. These are responsible for bone formation, healing wounds, keeping skin healthy, formation of collagen, development of energy, and helping keep joint pain at bay. Who knew!!  What awesome benefits we could all take advantage of.

So now that you’re all ready to run to the grocery store and pick up some of this amazing and juicy fruit, you need to know what to look for when selecting a ripe pineapple.

  1. First, never pick a pineapple that is fully green.  It will not ripen well and end up being a waste of money.  Look for more color, the higher the color rises up the pineapple the sweeter it will be.
  2. Smell the end of the pineapple. If the end of the pineapple smells sweet then you know it’s ready. If it smells fermented then it’s too ripe.  If it has no smell then it’s not ripe at all.
  3. It’s also important to feel it. It should feel firm and give slightly.  If it gives a lot and is spongy then it has gone bad so don’t buy it.
  4. If you end up purchasing one that isn’t ripe they say to lay it upside down till it ripens. The stems provide the sweetness and speed up the process.

So now that you picked up a  good, fresh, tasty pineapple and all the good vitamins in it comes the kicker : Did you know that pineapples can help you drop weight? Yes, it’s true!  The pineapple helps in the digestion of proteins and carbs while at the same time speeds up our metabolism and helps you burn, burn, burn.

So while they say an apple a day may keep the doctor away… a Pineapple a day may help keep the pounds away!

Thanks for reading and good luck finding the perfect pineapple to enjoy on these warm spring days! 

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1st Phorm Athlete Jodie Minear
1st Phorm Athlete Jodie Minear

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