GR7EVEN – Team 1st Phorm : Austin to New Orleans

A few weeks ago, we participated in our second running of the goldRush Rally. We at 1st Phorm love fast cars and what better way to celebrate that passion than a cross country rally?! For those not familiar with the rally, it is a coast to coast exotic car road rally split into two legs. This year’s rally consisted of the following cities :

  • San Diego, CA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Sedona, AZ
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • Austin, TX
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Miami, FL


We packed up and headed out to meet up with GR7EVEN for the Austin to Miami leg.

Cleaning bugs off these things is no joke!

The crew finally arrived at our hotel in Austin around 3AM. Most of the rally participants were still wide awake though! 

The next morning started bright and early at COTA (Circuit of the Americas) for some track action.

It was a surreal experience for everyone to get to drive on a Formula 1 track.

Our friends at Team Kemp proudly sporting 1st Phorm on their gull-wing Mercedes SLS AMG! 

Our teammates from Exotic Motors Midwest were really setting the pace in their matching Ferrari 458 Italia.

Seeing the two 1st Phorm Sport Chassis flying around the track was definitely a crowd favorite!

The next leg of the rally took the teams to New Orleans, LA.

A large crowd was waiting for the teams to arrive at the Roosevelt Waldorf Astoria. Just walking distance to the famous Bourbon Street!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our trip with even more photos!

Check out for more information on the rally!