Halloween Howling & Candy Conundrums

Laughter is soooo Important. Life is short and many of us don’t take enough time to relax and enjoy the little happy things in life.  We spend a good deal of time working and that laughter provides us with a free break from the stress of the working world or everyday life, if even for a moment!  Hopefully over this Halloween holiday, you have had several opportunities to get together with friends and families and giggle with the neighbor kids in their costumes!  So let’s look at the importance of having a good laugh.

HEALTH & BURNING CALORIES: yes this is the number one “side effect” to having a good time. According to Dietitian Juliette Kellow [1], her research on laughter concluded that laughing increased both heart rate and calorie expenditure by up to 20 percent, and the longer you laugh, the greater the possible weight loss.

Hobbies, working out, laughing: all help relief stress. RELIEVING STRESS is another reason to let the fun out.  Again, Halloween is an excellent example of how to have a good time!  So let’s look at what I think some of the best costumes are…  you know, the roll on the floor funny ones!  And for me… I’m always a sucker for dog costumes. Scroll down and you’ll see some pictures I’ve found online, but the last one is my own little guy. His name is Meatloaf and due to his love of rabbits insisted on being one this year!

While Halloween brings a lot of fun and laughter, it also brings a lot of candy. So to help you avoid the sugar trap that Halloween can be, here is a list of some of the better choices out there.

SUGAR FREE JELLY BEANS: Low calories (about 2 calories each), and obviously sugar free, but be warned that eating too many can keep you running to the bathroom.

PEPPERMINT PATTIES:  This little gem puts a stop to your a chocolate cravings, is refreshing on your taste buds and is only about 300 calories a piece, which is half that of a candy bar.

LICORICE: While not everyone loves the taste of anise flavoring, these treats are only around 35 calories each.

FRUIT ROLL-UPS:  You can find these in low-calorie or organic!!

SUGAR FREE GUM:  While you shouldn’t pass out single sticks, and the cost might add up to hand out whole packs, if you find a good deal on buying sugar free gum, it can be a great alternative to the candy the other neighbors are handing out!  Several brands are now coming up out with much yummier flavors in sugar-free and this type of ‘candy’ also helps create saliva to clean teeth.

Now, please share your photos with me on my fan page so we can all get a few more laughs this week!!!  Can’t wait to see them!!!


[1]  Dietitian Juliette Kellow, www.weightlossresources.com