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Healthy Holiday Tips for your Waistline

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I LOVE the holidays, and I’m sure you do too. So I bet we would agree the only negative thing about the holidays is the weight gain.  As we all know, along with the holidays comes food… lots of delicious food.  So in this week’s article I want to share with you several ways I have learned to enjoy the holidays without going over board and regretting it come New Years.

Tip 1: The obvious best way to keep healthy is to cook healthy. Try baking, or grilling instead of frying.  And instead of sugar, oil, or butter use stevia, splenda, and no calorie sprays. This will make a huge calorie difference, and in my opinion taste better too. This seems obvious, but so many people email me and ask questions about their lack of results and don’t have this part down. If you don’t have this down your are going to struggle.

Tip 2: Don’t starve yourself all day and then eat everything in site come dinner. I feel we do this thinking it’s a good idea to ‘save up your calories’ and eat them all at once.  Plainly put… its not!  You need to eat little meals and keep your muscle protein synthesis going (which helps build a stronger metabolism over time) throughout the day so it’s not going into starvation mode by the time your tummy finally gets some food.   Eating small meals throughout the day will also help keep you from over-eating because you feel like you’re dying of hunger. Don’t feel bad, we’ve all tried this method!  But I can tell you from experience… it’s not a good idea.

Tip 3: Balance out your meals.  Make sure you don’t just fill up on those sweet treats and carbs.  Think balanced portions without focusing on just one: protein, carbs, sweets, veggies, and fruit. This also helps keep all family members happy by eating a little of all the yummy dishes and not picking favorites! Again, been there, done that.

Tip 4: I fully understand it can be hard to find time to exercise while the family is all over, but if you can find the time it sure is great.  If you get some time off for the holidays, use a little of that extra time to go to the gym, or if you’re out of town go for a run outside and get to know your surroundings! A 20 minute run/walk can pay huge dividends when its all said and done. Who doesn’t have 20 minutes?!

This could also be an awesome opportunity to get your family involved and you can exercise together. Many years back I got my mom and dad to train with me over my Christmas break.  The habit stuck, and to see them today is a true shocker when I think of that first Christmas workout.  My mom is in the best shape of her life, and my dad has a six-pack at 65.  Lesson learned: Never miss out on an opportunity to share your life with someone; you never know you could change theirs.

This Holiday season, I am thankful for my family and friends.  God has blessed me very much. I pray you and your family have an amazing holiday season and thank you so much for listening.

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1st Phorm Athlete Jodie Minear
1st Phorm Athlete Jodie Minear

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