How to Pack to be Prepared for Show Day

So the day has finally arrived and after months of hard work, discipline and deprivation you are ready to step on stage and strut your stuff!  After all the hard work you’ve put into your physical appearance, it’s important to be fully prepared for traveling and show preparation as well. Here is a helpful checklist of everything you need to pack in your backstage show bag!  I usually pack all these items in a small roller bag rather than a shoulder bag since I don’t want anything to carry when I have a layer of tan on my body!

Competitor checklist for show day

  • The following are the most important 3 items so I always take the greatest care in packing each of these in ziplock bags so that nothing gets lost and so that the accessories do not catch on your suit, causing an unsightly snag.  Let’s not forget to mention how bloody expensive show bikini’s are- the last thing you want is a snag or stain on your pricy suit!  I also usually bring these along in my carry-on if I’m flying.
  1. Suit
  2. Heels
  3. Accessories

For the most part, everything else can pretty well be packed in your standards suitcase:

  1. Tanning products– it’s a great idea to put these in a sealed plastic bag because they are super messy!
  2. Suit adhesive (bikini bite or fashion tape)
  3. Snacks (approved by your trainer, of course!)
  4. Bottled water
  5. Chewing gum for dry mouth
  6. Stage makeup (don’t forget extra eyelash and nail glue)
  7. Rubber gloves and sponges for tanning products
  8. Flip flops for back stage
  9. Loose fitting, dark colored warm up suit or dark, loose fitting robe
  10. Exercise bands for “pumping up”
  11. Personal, hand-held mirror for backstage
  12. Hair products
  13. Extension cord- I have found this useful in the past for plugging in my curling iron/flat iron for hair touchups backstage (sometimes you wait for hours and the hair may need a little touching up)
  14. Hair dryer for drying tanning products (bring your own, don’t rely on the hotel to have one, and then you have it all day)
  15. Camera
  16. Sexy outfit to celebrate in after the show– After finals are done and you walk away with your big fat trophy, it’s always nice to put on a hot outfit and go out to celebrate your victory!   The promoter of the show generally has an after party planned for all the competitors and it’s a great way to mingle and socialize with other members of the fitness community.

If you are traveling out of town for a show and staying in a hotel, it is very important to remember these items:

  1. Dark towels, sheets and pillowcases– Most hotels charge a fee if any of their linens are stained with tanning product.  Show tan is extremely messy and stains everything so it’s best to pack some dark bedding and swap them for the hotel whites.
  2. Food, snacks and water– I prepare a bunch of measured out meals ahead of time and label everything in separate Tupperware containers.  If you are staying at the host hotel, you may be able to reserve a bar fridge for your room if you book early, providing the room doesn’t already have one.  The host hotel usually has a microwave accessible for all competitors to heat up your food.  If you are flying, it is easier to check your food in a cooler with your suitcase so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of taking it through security.  Most times it’s just a quick flight so everything will stay cool and fresh if you pack it super tight in sealed containers and use leak proof ice packs.
  3. Movies, laptop, IPOD, IPAD and/or Kindle.  It can get lonely and boring the night before the show and in between prejudging and finals.  I like to have my Kindle or some fitness magazines to keep me inspired and relaxed. J
  4. 1st Phorm Downtime PM– I suggest taking a sleep aid with you to your show so that you can get a good night’s rest the night before your show.  I have had the unfortunate experience of water retention in my lower abdomen the morning of a show because I had a poor night’s sleep the night before.  There is a lot of stress for some competitors and their nerves can get the best of them.  1st Phorm Downtime PM is an excellent sleep aid that will ensure you get a good night’s rest.

I hope you find this checklist helpful in getting you prepared for the day of your competition!  If you have put in the work, you will most definitely reap the rewards!  If anything, be sure to give yourself credit for having the discipline and confidence to compete!  Now get out there and rock that stage!

Xoxo G