I am trying to get lean. I am lifting 4 days a week and doing cardio 6 days a week for 45 minutes in the morning. I have been following this program for 3 months and lost 30 pounds on the scale. I still have another 15 lbs I want to lose. It seems to b...

by 1st Phorm August 01, 2009 1 min read

Great job so far! It feels really good to be a doer instead of a talker doesn’t it?! You are well on your way to achieving your fitness goals. Unfortunately, as we get leaner the pounds of fat seem to cling tighter to our bodies. It can be demoralizing if you don’t know to expect it. The best advice I can give here is to stick it out and it will come off. Don’t get frustrated and quit.

Changing up your routine will help, too. Start doing different forms of cardio. If you have been riding a bike, try a treadmill or stair stepper. Sprints work well, too. Change up the lifting exercises you have been doing, as well. If you’re not already using one, you could add a thermogenic fat burner like 1-Db. You could also add in a thyroid optimizing product like Thyro-Drive. These types of products will help the last few pounds come off a lot easier. Make these few small adjustments and stick with the program like you have been and you will reach your goals. Don’t give up, you’re almost there!

1st Phorm
1st Phorm