I hate the taste of water. I like to drink lemonade. Is there anything I can drink instead of water. Can I drink a gallon of lemonade instead of water?

That’s a good question that I have gotten a million times. You know what, I happen to like Taco Bell and I hate tuna. Guess what I don’t eat? Taco Bell because its bad for me. I eat tuna because it’s good for me. Understand what I’m getting at? Everyone has to make sacrifices in order to get what you want. Water is THE MOST IMPORTANT element in any fitness program! No, you cannot drink a gallon of lemonade in place of water. If you absolutely cannot stand water, which is hard to believe since water has zero taste, you cay try drinking Crystal Light. This is not as good as water but it will keep you hydrated with no extra calories. Water is the king, there is no substitute.