I hate training legs! I love to train everything else except legs. Is it okay to not train legs?

Uh, no. It is not okay to just blow off your leg training. I feel your pain…literally. It sounds to me that you need to change your outlook about leg training. You train all other parts of your body to build muscle so that you look the best you can right? Well, by not training legs you are severely limiting the growth of the rest of your body. Have you ever noticed that the guys in your gym who train just chest and biceps never get any bigger? It is because by not training legs you are neglecting half of the muscle in your body. That’s HALF of the overall muscle tissue in your body that isn’t getting trained!

“So what, I don’t need big legs, I just want a big chest and arms.” Ha Ha that’s funny for a couple reasons: First, you never want to be the guy who has a developed upper body and no legs…it looks ridiculous. Second, when you train muscle tissue, any muscle tissue, you get a natural hormone release that helps the body repair and recover itself. These hormones consist of the very powerful muscle building hormones of Testosterone and Growth Hormone. This hormone release is what helps the body utilize amino acids and repair the muscle you break down during your workouts so it can grow back bigger…your ultimate goal.

The thing is, when you miss training legs, that means you’re missing out on HALF of the natural hormone release that happens when you resistance train muscle tissue. Do you think the extra growth hormone and testosterone generated by training legs only helps your legs grow? NO WAY! It helps all your muscle grow and recover!

By training all the muscle in your body you are effectively putting your body in the most anabolic state. By training your legs, you are priming all your body’s muscle for growth. If you follow up proper training with proper nutrition, you will surpass your current level of development very quickly! My advice to you is to start looking at leg training as a HUGE positive that will help your whole body to grow strong and muscular. Once you realize how important legs are to your whole body development I think you will start to look forward to leg day more than any other.