I have been using Ignition for the last 6 months and it has worked amazing! I do have one question about the main ingredient: I was doing some reading online and was wondering what is the difference between Dexanhdyrous Glucose, Dextrose and Pure Glucose?

by Andrew Frisella June 15, 2009 3 min read

That’s a great question and one that gets asked quite often. Glucose is the main energy source of all the living cells in your body providing approximately 3.75 kilocalories (16 kilojoules) of food energy per gram. Glucose literally means “Sweet Sugar” and is the exact source of energy your body uses to operate in its daily functions. Functionally speaking, Dexanhydrous Glucose, Dextrose Anhydrous, Dextrose Monohydrate, Dextrose, Glucose, Dextrorotatory Glucose, and D-Glucose are all essentially different names for the same product: Glucose. They are all low molecular weight monosaccharides that have a molecular weight of right around 180. In simple terms these are the purest refined sugars known to man. Glucose is EXACTLY what your body uses internally to fuel all operations. When you consume Glucose, there is virtually no digestion that occurs, so there is no waiting around for the Glucose to enter your blood stream. Glucose enters the blood stream immediately which makes it ideal for post workout nutrition because it creates the highest insulin response of any sugar on earth. (1,2) The insulin allows for a few things to happen:

1. Stop the catabolic action from your intense training.

2. Drive the glucose (46 grams) into the depleted cell.

3. Open the amino acid receptors on the muscle cell for amino uptake.

The main ingredient in Ignition is Dexanhydrous Glucose Crystals or Dextrose Anhydrous Glucose Crystals, which is derived from dehydrated Dextrose . To make Dexanhydrous Glucose, the plain dextrose goes through one more final extra step of refinement where all the water is pulled out, making it the purest form by volume of Dextrose available. This means it is more concentrated by weight. Dexanhydrous Glucose is greater than 99.5% glucose by volume, it is as pure as you can get. Aside from dehydration making it ultra pure, it also keeps the product inside the container from turning into a solid brick from the extra moisture that would otherwise be included in the powder. Another major benefit of this, besides not having to chisel your product out of the container, is that Ignition goes into solution and mixes quickly and easily, not clumpy and nasty. I’m sure you noticed how there are no pasty clumps or hard chunks in your post workout drink when you use Ignition (Pure Dexanhydrous Glucose Crystals) as it is designed to be both effective and pleasant. Along with the advantage of Dexanhydrous Glucose, Ignition also contains a vitamin blend which helps deliver specified amounts of critical micro nutrients into the blood stream at the crucial time of recovery when your cells are screaming for nutrients the most. If you like Ignition, keep an eye out for Ignition V.2 (tentatively named…I’m sure we’ll do better than that!) on shelves late Spring 2011. The new formulation will contain the same base formula as Ignition, but in addition, it will contain a beta alanine, creatine and extra electrolytes!! Talk about providing your body with a huge punch of essential amino acids to help ignite the anabolic process! We’re about to turn it up a notch!

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Andrew Frisella
Andrew Frisella