I have been using Level-1 and I love it! Can I use it with Ignition post-workout instead of Phormula-1 and get same results?

A premium quality Low Temperature Processed protein blend such as Level-1 is designed to keep you anabolic by keeping blood amino levels high for sustained periods of time throughout the day. This means Level-1 will take several hours to digest completely therefore maximizing muscle protein synthesis for at least 3 hours at a time. The insulin spike from Ignition happens almost instantly and peaks after just 30 minutes. So you can see that Level-1 and Ignition are not timed out at the same digestion rate.

An insulin spike essentially opens the door for amino acids (protein) to come in…literally. Insulin actually opens up the receptors located on the muscle cell that absorb amino acids, but you need an amino acid (protein) source ready to assimilate at the same time the receptors are open in order for it to work. Because Level-1 is a sustained assimilation (not rapid assimilation) protein, it’s designed to assimilate at a more steady rate which is much slower to hit the blood stream than would be optimal in this situation. This means that by the time Level-1 is ready to be assimilated the millions of receptors that have been thrown wide open by the insulin spike are closed. Think of it this way; if you are having a party and tell all your guests (proteins) to come over at 9:00, you don’t go open your door (insulin spike) at 6:00 look for people, wonder where they are at and the lock the door at 6:45 do you? Of course not, because it’s not time and nobody would be able to get in. A hydrolyzed and pre-digested whey protein isolate like Phormula-1 is the source of protein that can digest at the same rate as Ignition and take full advantage of the protein retention and absorption offered by the insulin spike.(1,2) So this is the one and only situation where Level-1 would be the wrong choice, because it’s not optimal for this purpose. But hey, that’s why we made Phormula-1!

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