I understand that Thyro-Drive helps optimize thyroid hormone levels, but why does this help with fat loss?

Well, to understand why Thyro-Drive helps with fat loss you must first understand a little about what the thyroid gland does. The thyroid is a small gland shaped like a butterfly, that is located in the neck near the “Adam’s Apple” area. It absorbs iodine from foods you eat and combines it with the amino acid tyrosine to produce T3 and T4. When it is operating on all cylinders, the thyroid produces about 80% T4 and about 20% T3. The more active of these two hormones is T3 (which is several times stronger than it’s sister hormone T4) is the one that actually functions at the cellular level. After being released from the thyroid, these two hormones travel through the bloodstream and aid in converting oxygen and calories into energy (burning calories). The thyroid is responsible for production of some T3, with the remainder of it being produced in what is known as “T4 to T3 conversion” from the inactive T4.

What does that mean for you?

Now that you have an understanding for what the thyroid does, lets talk a little about how an under active or nearly inactive thyroid effects our metabolism. Because the thyroid determines whether you burn calories from foods you eat or store them as fat, it is to your advantage to make sure that yours is always operating at full strength and producing an adequate amount of hormones. When your body cannot produce enough T3 and/or T4 to get oxygen to your cells, you have what is called hypothyroidism. A recent study has found that estimated 27 million Americans have been shown to have an under active thyroid and in more recent years has become one of the most common symptoms that a physician will encounter when addressing a weight issue with a patient. Stress, environmental pollution, bad eating and lifestyle habits, and even yo-yo dieting can affect the thyroid. Sound familiar? An under active thyroid, or hypothyroidism, will lead to a slow metabolism; resulting in weight gain, fatigue, depression, among other symptoms. This is why having optimum thyroid hormones ensures that you are burning the greatest amount of calories possible. In other words, if your thyroid hormones are in the tank, so is your body’s ability to burn fat.