Is it true that that if I lift weights I’ll become bulky like a guy? All the girls at work say that I shouldn’t lift because I will end up looking like a guy.

Absolutely, positively NOT TRUE! Lifting is absolutely necessary to achieve a lean toned look. I had a question like this not too long ago, you can read about it here. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about weight lifting for women. If you can get over the idea that lifting will make you bulky your results will shoot through the roof. I wouldn’t even bother trying to explain it to your co-workers. They won’t understand. Just do it and when they ask you what you’re doing, tell them and watch their mouths hit the floor. You’ll get a good laugh out of it and then you will have to hear all their excuses of why they don’t, can’t or won’t lift. Some people will never get it, but you will and you’ll look great! Good luck!