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Learning to Take Time for Yourself

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It’s been a long day and the last thing on your mind is working out, working, chores, or anything of that nature. So what to do? There is more to being physically healthy, you also need to be mentally healthy.  So in my book, that means a little ME time.

While some may call me an over-achiever, I still find it very comforting to have a PRODUCTIVE down time.  Which in my case means finding a hobby. I LOVE to paint.  I have been doing it since I was five and God has blessed me with the opportunity to display my work in museums, businesses, and homes.

Over the years, painting has proven to be a good venting and release mechanism for me. Whenever you have stress, worry, sickness, or even boredom you need to have a healthy vent.  The key is to find something (like painting, sewing, knitting, games, design, welding, dancing) that puts a smile on your face and heart!  Working out is always a good way to vent but I think you should not settle for one, you should have at least two ways to work the stress out of your life!  Sometimes we can make working out more routine or chore than a steam blower.  Make sure you don’t lose the joy in your down time.  And when it comes to finding your own personal hobby, I recommend something that is both physically and mentally stimulating.  Bring to life your dormant artistic side, and awaken your imagination!!

First, it’s important to find the time in your busy schedule to actually have a ‘down’ time. Try to save a day each week dedicated to YOU, and your fun! Even God speaks about having time to wind down.  “Only someone who is foolish does not know when to go home and wears himself out with work.” (Ecclesiastes 10:15 RAP)

Many people have discovered the benefits of taking time for yourself (me included!) and believe me, you will have a fuller, happier life as a result.  According to the book “Downtime- Why Is It So Important?”, by Stanley Bronstein, he goes on to say “Quite simply, if we don’t have ‘downtime’ every so often, we will collapse.  Our ‘human’ systems will fail.  Humans require rest.  Humans require time to regroup.  Humans require time to get it all together.”

Okay, now that we all agree that we need a little personal time, let’s look at a list of ideas to get you up and moving this spring that don’t require a gym!

  • • Springtime Floral Shows
  • • Spring cooking classes with fresh produce (check your local grocer)
  • • Bike rides or walks in the park
  • • Local plays or musicals
  • • Check your local paper for upcoming spring or heritage festivals
  • • Take a flying lesson
  • • Floral arranging classes
  • Learn to golf
  • • Cooking / Baking with the family
  • • Scrapbooking that vacation you swore you’d get around to!
  • • Writing: anything from a journal to the book you’ve always wanted to write!
  • • Gardening to create beautiful relaxing places in your own backyard
  • • Painting – my personal love and fav!
  • • Interior design classes or ideas from magazines
  • • Sewing classes with your friends
  • • Photography
  • • Game night with your friends
  • • Fantasy sports
  • • Have a yard sale
  • • Bird watching (yes, people still do this!)
  • • Go to flea markets
  • • Pottery, you can either make it… or paint it!
  • • Buy a pet, dog, cat, bird, yes for some maybe even a rat or snake

And for the adventurous type, you could try:

  • • Water sports
  • • Fishing
  • • Hiking
  • • Horse back riding
  • • Rock Climbing
  • • Four wheeling
  • • Skating
  • • Hunting
  • • Skiing
  • • Sailing
  • • Swimming

Hope this helps you find a little more happiness in your life… Thanks for your time!!!

Love,  Jodie

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1st Phorm Athlete Jodie Minear
1st Phorm Athlete Jodie Minear

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