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Let Us Know Your Arnold Classic Top Picks and Win a 1st Phorm Prize Pack

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Attention fans of Becker Built! Here is your chance to win an awesome 1st Phorm prize pack! If you are a diehard fan of the IFBB as I am, you already know that the 22nd annual Arnold Classic is less than 2 weeks away. I will be in attendance at this show and at the expo with the 1st Phorm team. Here is the contest I am throwing out to you. If you can pick the top 6 in order in the Arnold Classic Men’s Bodybuilding, I will reward you with a tub of 1st Phorm “Ignition”, “Level-1” and “Phormula-1”!

Here is the impressive line-up for the 22nd annual Arnold Classic, March 6, 2010 in Columbus, OH:

Melvin Anthony, USA
Tarek Elsetouhi, Egypt
Toney Freeman, USA
Kai Greene, USA
Phil Heath, USA
Dexter Jackson, USA
Johnnie Jackson, USA
Robert Piotrkowicz, Poland
Ronny Rockel, Germany
Sergey Shelestov, Russia
Branch Warren, USA
Roelly Winklaar, Netherlands
Hidetada Yamagishi, Japan

Every year, I challenge myself to predict the winner. However in bodybuilding, the subjectivity of the judging makes this a difficult task. I’m always rooting for Phil Heath, ‘the gift’ as he is named in the industry. At only 30 years old, Phil is one of the youngest men in this lineup and his physique continues to improve show after show. Keep in mind that the IFBB contest season kicked off this past weekend with the Pheonix Pro. Melvin Anthony was dialed in and took first while Toney Freeman was relegated to third place behind second place Hidetada Yamagishi. Branch Warren recently took second at the Olympia in October and is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t count out Kai Greene, last years Arnold Classic Men’s Bodybuilding champion. We will have to see where the chips fall on the day of the show and I will be there to observe it live.

I’m excited for the Arnold weekend! Since it falls on the weekend of my birthday, I’ll be heading up there with a bunch of my buddies for a guy’s weekend and it promises to be a good time! I will be posting reviews and candid pics from the show when I return in my blog. Please submit your predictions no later March 5th to brett.becker@1stphorm.com and I will announce a winner in the next edition of this blog! Good luck!

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1st Phorm Athlete Brett Becker
1st Phorm Athlete Brett Becker

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