Spiking Insulin After a Workout

You lift hard, eat right, drink enough water, take the best supplements and get all the rest you need. You do everything you can to get the BEST possible results day in and day out. You sacrifice things “normal” people wouldn’t think of giving up in the quest for a superior existence. You live the Never Settle lifestyle. Why would you short circuit their progress by trying to cut corners? The fact is, table sugar WILL NOT give you the same results as Ignition. Here’s why: Table sugar is sucrose, which is a disaccharide of glucose and fructose. For the disaccharide sucrose to be digested and absorbed, its molecules first have to cleaved apart into a monosaccharide through the digestive process (an extra step not required with Ignition) which means slower digestion time and less insulin response. Exactly what you don’t want post-workout.

You are looking for two things post workout. First, you want an insulin spike to stop the catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue. Second, and more importantly, you want to replenish diminished glycogen stores immediately, not 6 hours later, so that your body can start the repair and recovery (growth) of muscle fiber. To ensure you don’t waste valuable recovery time you want your muscle glycogen levels restored as quickly as possible. Ignition is 100% pure dextrose monohydrate, an ultra refined monosaccharide, that solicits 6x the insulin response as table sugar and goes IMMEDIATELY into the blood stream with no digestion required. It does not contain any cheap fillers that would weaken the insulin response. It’s no coincidence that top-level bodybuilders shoot up with insulin post workout. Why do you think they do this? Let me tell you: Insulin is a hormone and allows for much higher protein retention. (1,2) Think of it as a delivery truck that picks up all the nutrients you put in your body and delivers them exactly where they need to go. It takes glycogen to your glycogen stores, amino acids to your muscles and fat…well to you fat stores (which is why it's not a good idea to eat a lot of fat post workout when you are intentionally spiking your insulin).

With Ignition you are not only replenishing your glycogen levels in the fastest possible way, you are also spiking your insulin, stopping catabolism and delivering the glycogen (and aminos if used with the correct type of protein) where it needs to go. Because of the awesome insulin response you get from Ignition, you'll want to build on that response with an ultra bioavailable, rapid assimilation, hydrolyzed protein such as Phormula-1 which allows the insulin to shuttle the hydrolyzed/pre-digested whey isolate protein fractions directly into the muscle cell. This shuttling effect creates an extremely anabolic environment, which is exactly what you want to create after you just got done busting your ass in the gym.

Shop 1st Phorm’s Ignition and Phormula-1 protein to get great results, and go even further with the 1st Phorm App for customized support on your health and fitness journey. 


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