Red Carpet Ready Arms and Smooth Sexy Skin for your Hollywood Moment!

With the mark of the New Year begins my favorite season of all- awards season!  The Oscars, Grammy’s, and Golden Globe awards all occur in the first 3 months of the year and my guiltiest of all guilty pleasures is ogling over the incredible fashion on the red carpet!  Although many celebs are dripping in diamonds, some of my favorite celebs don the hottest accessories of all- toned, sexy arms!  And no Hollywood starlet would dare hit the red carpet without sexy glowing skin!  Now I’m sure many of us could only dream of attending such a high profile event, but if you are planning on attending any parties, weddings or banquets in the near future, my killer upper body routines will help you rock your red carpet moment! I’ve also got some great tips to get your skin glowing to beautifully accentuate your enviable arms!

Red Carpet Ready Upper Body Circuit 1 (chest, back, triceps)

Complete one set of 15 reps of each of the following exercises in sequence and repeat the entire circuit 3 times through.  Be sure to use enough weight/resistance to feel the burn throughout each exercise.

  1. Body weight pushups
  2. Bench dips (feet elevated on another bench for added difficulty)
  3. Assisted pull-ups
  4. Incline dumbbell flyes
  5. Tricep rope pressdown
  6. One arm dumbbell rows

Red Carpet Ready Upper Body Circuit 2 (shoulders, biceps,)

Complete one set of 15 reps of each of the following exercises in sequence and repeat the entire circuit 3 times through.  Be sure to use enough weight/resistance to feel the burn throughout each exercise.

  1. Seated overhead dumbbell press
  2. Barbell curls
  3. Side lateral raises using cable
  4. One arm concentration curls using cable and squat stance
  5. Upright rows with barbell

Here is a sample training calendar to help you get ready for your big event!  Typically I will follow a training routine like this year round, alternating upper body with lower body and incorporating one rest day a week.

If I am looking to tighten up for a particular event, I make sure to perform cardio every day and ramp up the intensity and duration as the event approaches.  I always train abs 3 days a week and I will try to really limit my sodium to prevent belly bloat in my tight dress!!

With your newly toned sexy arms, you will want to make sure to take extra special care of your skin if you are going to bare it on your big night!  If you are going to be baring skin, make sure it’s soft sexy skin!  Here are some beauty tips for red carpet ready skin:

1) Moisturize after EVERY single bath or shower!  Bathing in hot water as we do especially in the colder months, robs your skin of moisture.  Top that with a cold, dry climate and you will find yourself with some rough, flaky skin!  I love any moisturizer with Shea Butter in the winter months and I typically switch from body lotion to a thicker body cream or body butter to keep my skin soft when the climate is dry.  My top pick: True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Body Cream.  A super decadent treat for your skin!  Smells great too!  ($17.50,

2) Skip the soap!  Soap strips your skin of moisture so make the switch to an ultra moisturizing shower cream.  My top pick:  Dove Beauty Deep Moisture Body Wash ($5.99,

3) Instead of cooking in the tanning bed (ladies I don’t need to remind you how bad this is for your skin), try a Versa Spa Sunless tanning treatment for a hydrating, sunless glow!  I just love the way my skin looks after a sunless tan! You also get the benefit of extra hydration when you use my personal favorite, the Versaspa Sunless Tanning System!  ( for locations)  Depending on where you live, simply Google “Sunless tanning” and see what kind of establishments are around you!

4) Exfoliation is a very important part of promoting healthy skin, especially in the winter months when our skin can be dry and flaky. I incorporate exfoliation into my skin care routine twice a week.  I am a big fan of Bath and Body Works sugar scrub but I can’t keep seem to keep it stocked in the shower!  My husband gets his hands on that stuff and the tube is gone in 2 days!  So, instead I make my own sugar scrub- my friend Lynn made some as a gift a while back and it’s so easy to make!  You can buy all the supplies at the grocery store and it costs less than $2 for every jar I make!  Here‘s how I do it: combine ½ cup almond or grape seed oil with ½ cup sugar and 5 drops of essential oil (I like to use lavender).  Blend the ingredients in a small reseal able glass jar.  If the mixture is too oily, you can add more sugar to get the texture that you desire.  Apply to damp skin and scrub away for a soft sexy glow!

5) Once you’re buffed and toned, nothing makes your skin glow like a shimmer lotion on a night out on the town!  I’m not talking about lathering yourself up with body glitter, but a sweet smelling lotion with fine flecks of golden glimmer to highlight all your sexy muscle tone!  I love Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Seduction Shimmer Lotion ($20,

There you have it ladies!  Follow these tips and you will be toned, glowing and red carpet sexy in no time!  Don’t forget to eat a clean meal plan with plenty of water to get you where you want to be in no time at all!

♥ Gillian