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Spring Fever and Running

3 min read

Running is GREAT this time of year, BUT I want to make sure that you all understand that running is NOT the best exercise for looking your best in your bikini.  Especially if we are talking about your lower body and back side!  I know, you are really bummed that I am telling you NOT to run.  But no worries, I am here to explain how you can enjoy the beautiful weather, run outside and still look great in that bikini.

Here is your new plan:

  1. Start out by warming up with a slow jog or walk.
  2. Then run for 3 minutes straight.
  3. Stop at that point and do 25 reps of the following, in order, 2 times:
  • • Split leap jumps
  • • Narrow squat jumps
  • • Push-ups

Start over with the 3 minute run and then repeat the same 2 rounds of 25 reps.

You should complete 3 full circuits of this.

I’m sure some of you reading this are mothers and thinking that you can’t do all that with a stroller in tow.  Being a mom myself, I can tell you from my own experience, this CAN be done!!!!  And this is how:

After you run for 3 minutes stop and put your stroller in park. Come to the front where your kids can see you and entertain them while doing the above exercises.  Start running again and repeat this 3x during your run.  Trust me, I do this all the time with my girls and they love it.  I make silly faces and count to them with exaggerated facial expressions and clapping.  It also makes the time go by so much faster and really helps break everything up.  Just try it once and you’ll see what I mean.  It’s not just working out, but can be fun time with your kids too.

Now that you have a new plan to still get your run on in the nice weather while getting into shape for that summer bikini I am going to give a bit more of an explanation as to why I’m suggesting this instead of a flat out run.

I have been training for years and have found that most females that run a lot seldom lift weights and NEVER on there lower body because they think that since they are running they are getting a leg workout.  This is a VERY big mistake when you run you use a different energy system that keeps you from adding muscle and can actually burn muscle away leaving you with soft flabby legs and glutes.  You have to lift your legs 2-3 times per week to really get the round, feminine toned shape you want.  Remember it’s not about how big you want your legs, it’s about getting the right shape.

Another mistake a lot of ladies make is not having the proper nutrition after working out. You need to take in BOTH carbohydrates and protein to ensure your muscles get the fuel they need to grow and your legs take the correct shape: Toned, tight and firm!!  That’s what we’re all after… right?  Well then you need to be sure you’re taking in the proper post-workout nutrition.  Personally, I don’t go without my Phormula-1 and Ignition post-workout.  Together, they work to shuttle high-quality protein into your system quickly for maximum lean muscle growth and reduce recovery time.  Many of my clients see a difference in 4 weeks, just in time to hit the beach in that bikini and look smoking!

Good luck and until next time, stay consistent and good thing will happen!

The Trasey Twins

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1st Phorm Athletes Michelle and Kristie Trasey
1st Phorm Athletes Michelle and Kristie Trasey

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