Strip Off and Get Into It – My 2 Cents

So I’m constantly wondering how it is that all these girls can workout in big earrings, tons of rings, hair down, makeup… and well lets just say ‘club’ wear.  And I don’t mean ‘health club’! Now I’m not saying I don’t have a lil concealer on because truthfully I don’t leave home without it.  And some of their excess I get (like a wedding ring to push off those players who wont let you focus on your workout). This stuff makes sense to me, perfect sense. It’s the other stuff that doesn’t.  You can’t tell me you actually like working out with your hair down and sticking to your sweaty neck. You cant tell me you like working out in full out club accessories and a regular bra. Sorry, not ganna buy that story.

Instead of dressing to impress, try putting all that extra effort into getting more serious about your fitness goals and how comfortable you are just being you! Strip that junk off and feel good about your commitment to health.

Now for the guys out there… don’t think you’re off the hook. The same goes for you too! How many of you go to the gym wearing a tiny tank top and shades?  You don’t need to wear shades while you workout!  If you do, maybe you had a little too much to drink the night before, just saying….  And is the tank because you do biceps every time you’re at the gym so your arms are huge and the rest of you is covered up because you look like you have the parts of a junior high kid?!?  My advice to you is the same… take your time at the gym more seriously, and trust me, the girls will be way more attracted to that then your shades and chains.  Please understand I’m not being mean, I just want to share with you what every one else is thinking.

I love nothing more than to go to a gym and be awed and amazed by all these people busting their ass and trying to have a better body, life, health, and overall happiness. So to you guys… way to go and keep it up.  You are an inspiration to everyone else there!  But for everyone else, just remember that sometimes the best thing to do is strip off all the layers put on us by work, society, peers, and just be YOU.