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Summer Gear Release

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Summertime is a time of fun-in-the-sun, eating some good BBQ with family and friends, lounging at the pool, and drinking an ice cold one to cool off. Well, this summer has definitely been one for the books. First off, we would just like to say we appreciate all of our supportive Phamily and without you we would not be making such a big impact on the fitness industry. Secondly, we want to give a huge thank you to all who came to Summer Smash and made it the time of our lives! You will all have a special place in our hearts and we will never forget the experience. Next year will be even bigger and better. We also wanted to show our appreciation to everyone who wasn’t able to come to Summer Smash by giving you a massive gear release! So without further delay here is our new Summer Gear Release!


Legion of Boom never looked so patriotic! This battle-worn flag is a perfect testament to others that we have what it takes to win… No matter what. Just like our forefathers, we, the Legion of Boom’ers, strive every day to make a difference in this nation. If you’re part of that change you’ll definitely want this shirt.

Order your Men’s Sons of Liberty T-Shirt HERE.

Order your Women’s Sons of Liberty T-Shirt HERE.



This 4th of July is going to be a hot one! So naturally it’s the perfect time for a tank top. This new, lightweight tank top features a white body and blue piping to really show off your tan.  So do us a favor and tag us in your pictures with your best “sun’s out, guns out!” pose.

Order your Men’s Stars and Stripes Tank Top HERE.

Order your Women’s Stars and Stripes Tank Top HERE.



It’s America’s birthday and what better way to celebrate this release than with a badass shirt!? We, as Americans, declared our independence from Britain 240 years ago. That means we have been #winning since 1776! This new, premium, poly/cotton blend t-shirt has Legion of Boom right above a proudly displayed American flag across the chest.

Order your Men’s LOB Since 1776 T-Shirt HERE.

Order your Women’s LOB Since 1776 T-Shirt HERE.



Baseball season is here and already off to a good start (depending on your favorite team of course). Well, here at 1st Phorm we have our own team: the Legion of Boom. Our team is more than just a team, it’s a Phamily. So what better way to show everyone what team you play for, than a jersey style t-shirt?! A bold PHAMILY is printed on the upper back where the players name would be displayed. Now get out there and KILL KILL KILL!

Order your 1st Phorm Phamily Baseball T-Shirt HERE.



If you like a mix of a little bit of class and a little bit of graphic t-shirts, then look no further. With a V-neck, 1st Phorm printed vertically down the side of the front, and a 1P logo on the right sleeve, this shirt has it covered. This shirt is available in both charcoal and teal premium poly/cotton blend.

Order your Men’s Vertical 1st Phorm V-neck HERE.

Order your Women’s Vertical 1st Phorm V-neck HERE.



Not only is this tank totally badass, but it’s also a bit of a throwback, for those old enough. We think good ol’ Sonny would be first in line to get one for himself. With bright and bold Legion of Boom printed on the chest, this tank will be sure to grab the attention. Available now in both black and white!

Order your 1st Phorm Miami Boom Tank Top HERE.



Unless you live under a tree, don’t have a Snapchat account, or simply don’t know who Andy is, you will recognize where this saying comes from. This shirt will not only increase your biceps’ 3 times their size, it will also be the best conversation starter of all time. And the only place to get it is right here! This is also printed on our new, super lightweight poly/cotton blend t-shirt.

Order your 1st Phorm Hit ’em with the Cobra T-Shirt HERE.



Ladies, it’s time to turn your workout gear up a few notches with some new shorts. These Sprint Shorts are lightweight, moisture wicking, and internally lined to provide a more secure fit and better performance during your HIIT cardio sessions. A thick waistband that won’t dig into your waist and a loose fit around the legs ensures these shorts not to ride up when running. A 1P crest on the front of the left leg and Legion of Boom on the back of the right leg finishes this package off nicely.

Order your 1st Phorm Womens Sprint Shorts HERE.



We love it when a plan comes together! Even Mr. T would be pumped to wear one of these B.A. shirts! The premium Poly/Cotton blend and new asphalt color, makes it a great shirt for any time of the year. The 1st Phorm 1P crest sits on the right sleeve of this super soft shirt.

Order your Asphalt 1st Phorm BOOM-Team T-Shirt HERE.



Ladies, this design was created with you in mind. These new capris feature a breathable blend of spandex and nylon, a thick high-waisted area, and the comfortable fit you come to expect of 1st Phorm. A subtle 1P on the left hip and Legion of Boom on the back of the waistband means you can wear these capris both in and outside of the gym.

Order your 1st Phorm Womens LOB Capris HERE.



For those of you that, on occasion, like to attend a more formal kind of get-together, this is what you need to impress the rest. The men’s V-Neck has a 1P logo on the upper left chest and a small, sleek 1st Phorm on the right sleeve. The Womens version has a very subtle 1P logo on the right sleeve and a small Legion of Boom on the right shoulder. Not only is this shirt classy and comfortable, but it also comes in black or white.

Order your 1st Phorm Mens Classy V Tee HERE.

Order your 1st Phorm Womens Classy V Tee HERE.



Remember our traditional performance shorts? Well, these are even more badass! Neon Teal is back and in full effect with our new design 1st PHORM on the right leg! Whether you are doing cross fit, bodybuilding, or just going for a run, these shorts have what it takes!

Order your 1st Phorm Womens WOD Shorts HERE.



If simple and sleek is your style, look no further than the new Phresh 1st Phorm T-Shirt! With a newly-designed “1st Phorm” logo across the chest and the standard 1P crest on the sleeve, this shirt is one you will definitely want to keep in your favorite rotation. Of course these shirts are printed on our soft, “perfect fit” poly/cotton blend, and come in both teal and black.

Order your Phresh 1st Phorm T-Shirt HERE.



You’ve been working hard all year, now’s the time to show off all of your gains with our new heather white racerback! This tank features dumbbells printed in place of the “O”s in Legion of BOOM. Your new favorite tank top is now available, both in black print and blue print.

Order your 1st Phorm Women’s Dumbbell Racerback HERE.



With crossfit workouts spreading across the nation like wild-fire, it was time to make a shirt to go with those 1st Phorm WOD shorts. The crossfit’er inside of the 1st PHORM logo is not the only new thing on this t-shirt. To add even more value to this shirt, the hashtag #IAM1STPHORM is printed on the right sleeve of this new, lightweight poly/cotton blend shirt. This thing is comfy and breathable!

Order your 1st PHORM Snatch T-Shirt HERE.



Garnish that melon of yours with this stylin’ piece of headwear! The new 1st Phorm Phormbilt Fitted Hat features a performance blend material to maintain moisture wicking abilities during even the most intense sweat. It’s mid-profile design stretches to fit a wide variety of head sizes comfortably. How’s the comfort, you ask? Oh, it’s pretty damn excellent! Keeping your head dry is the name of the game for this hat.

Order your 1st Phorm Phormbilt Fitted Performance Hat HERE.



As the name implies, this band is littered with the pride of our red, white, and blue! The Technical Pride Band will definitely be an eye catcher this Summer. An outlined 1P is just enough to stand out on on this colorful band. Made of 89% polyester/11% spandex, these bands are odor resistant, breathable, soft, and moisture wicking when you need it most.

Order your 1st Phorm Technical Pride Band HERE.



If Legion of Boom Blue is your color of choice then we gotcha covered! The Technical Blue Band is definitely a band for everyone. A white 1P is just enough to compliment the all of the blue going on in this band. Made of 89% polyester/11% spandex, these bands are odor resistant, breathable, soft, and moisture wicking when you need it most.

Order your 1st Phorm Technical Blue Band HERE.



Do you feel the need to do a fist pump motion to get truck drivers to honk their horns when you pass them? Do you feel as if truck-stops are a home away from home while on the road? Or maybe you just like a good ol’ fashioned foam-front hat? Well whatever the case, we got you covered! Not only will you feel right at home with this baseball-style font “Legion of Boom” printed on the front, but it will also fit any size melon!

Order your 1st Phorm LOB Foam Front Snapback HERE.


That’s it for the Summer Gear Release…. I know it’s hard to believe. We hope you love all of the new apparel as much as we loved showing it off! Also, the first 50 orders with new release gear will get a free pair of NEVER SETTLE Shades and a new teal 1st Phorm koozie to help keep your drink cold! Have a fun and safe 4th of July!!

— Team 1st Phorm


























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