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SummerSmash 2016 Tickets!

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SummerSmash Tickets Go Live at 6:00PM Central Standard Time at SummerSmash2016.com and you’re all invited!!

You’ll want to be on SummerSmash2016.com right on time or early to get tickets … they will go lightning fast! Last year we sold out in just 3 minutes!! Here are the full details …


  1. Summer Smash 2016 Golden Tickets will be sold exclusively at SummerSmash2016.com
  2. On SummerSmash2016.com you will be able to purchase up to 4 Golden Tickets. If you need more than that, be sure that you have a second person online to get the rest.
  3. You will need to enter the following information for each person you are purchasing a ticket for BEFORE you can complete the transaction and secure your tickets:
  • First and last name for each person you are buying tickets for
  • Email address for each person
  • T-Shirt size for each person
  • Shoe size for each person

After entering that in, you will go to the cart to checkout and complete the transaction. You will not be able to get to the cart and purchase tickets without entering that in first.

We wanted to let you know all that so you are prepared for that and can get all that info together today and tonight so you’re ready!!

Last year’s Summer Smash was the MOST EPIC WEEKEND in the history of 1st Phorm … and we’re building on that for this years SummerSmash on Saturday, June 18th 2016!

There will only be 300 Golden Tickets available for purchase, starting tonight at 6:00PM CST.  They will be first come, first serve … and last year they sold out in just 3 minutes!

We know you guys are traveling in from all over the place, taking family vacation and making sacrifices to see us and that means THE WORLD to us! We are keeping the cost of tickets as low as we possibly can, and you’ll get back far more than the cost of the ticket with all kinds of limited edition gear and supplements just for Golden Ticket Holders! We’ll give you one of the most unforgettable weekends of your life right here at 1st Phorm HQ … that’s a promise!

Tickets are only $125 each and include:

  • Legion of Boom Olympics with CASH PRIZES!
  • All day food and drink fully catered
  • Live music
  • Car show
  • Hang with the Phamily
  • Meet and train with the 1st Phorm Athletes & Team
  • Multiple Training Seminars
  • Success Seminars
  • Guest Speakers (T.B.A.)
  • Over $250 worth of 1st Phorm gear and supplements

… and we’ll keep adding to the event as we get closer to it!

So mark your calendar and set your stopwatches to buy your tickets …
April 19, 2016 – 6:00PM CST
They will go LIGHTNING FAST!





































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