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The 1 Thing Every Dominant Athlete Does Daily

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The Dominant Athlete Routine

Got your attention did I? Well if you want to dominate in any sport or have better workouts that lead to better results, it all starts with the simplest pre-workout routine, stretching.

Let’s face it stretching is no fun.

It can be uncomfortable, painful and boring all at the same time. Most people don’t even give it a thought throughout the day to stretch, and the ones who do, try to get through it as fast as possible.  The truth is, it needs to become a priority if you’re looking to perform your best, look your best, and reduce the risk of injury.

During my many years as a trainer, I’ve worked with many levels of athletes, and one of the biggest obstacles to increased performance that most people don’t work on is their flexibility.  Having great flexibility, throughout your entire body can increase so many different aspects of your performance. Let me explain…

A muscle has to be the proper length to produce proper tension. If a muscle isn’t the proper length, being either too tight or too long, it can’t produce the proper tension, which restricts your movement.  When muscles are tight on one side of a joint verses the other, it will cause joint instability that will affect movement, not to mention it will affect your posture. This tightness also causes wear on the joint, which over time will likely lead to injury.

Stretching: The 2 Most Important Techniques

There are many types of stretching techniques, but the two you need to focus on the most are active and static stretching.

  • Active stretching is moving into a stretched position for 3-5 seconds at a time for about 5-10 times.  It’s usually best to do before exercise or cardio such as running, because it loosens up tight muscles and helps with proper body mechanics.
  • Static stretching is used more for lengthening tight muscles. This is done by holding a stretch for 20-30 seconds on an average, but up to 60 seconds if needed, and doing so 3-5 times.  Static stretching can restrict some neural control to muscle fibers, so it’s best to be done after exercise.

It’s best to stretch when the body is warmed up, so taking time after doing cardio, or a workout would be optimal. On day’s you’re not working out pick a time of the day when it would be most convenient.  This could be first thing in the morning, or at night when watching TV.

Stretching: The Routine

Try and stretch 5-7 days a week, taking 10-15 minutes out of your day to do so.  Remember that stretching is a stress to the body just like exercise.  It usually takes some time to notice results, but if you stay consistent you will notice improved results in your performance and results!


















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1st Phorm Elite Trainer Brendan O'Neill
1st Phorm Elite Trainer Brendan O'Neill

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