The Past Doesn’t Equal the Future

What would it be like to try and drive your car while only looking in your rear view mirror?

Seriously, if you had to try and drive your car somewhere and could only look in the rear view mirror, what would that be like? You would definitely crash, right? You sure would. Why? Because you can’t see where you are going. You have to see where you are going to get anywhere in life, whether it be driving a car, getting in shape, having a fulfilling relationship or building a successful business. You have to know where you are going to get anywhere.

Which brings me to the relevant point of this blog…Why is it that when people feel like they can’t do something, like build their best body for example, they say things about their past to justify why they can’t achieve something in the future. I hear it all the time: “I have tried it all…nothing works for me” or “I have always been fat/skinny” or “Every time I ever worked out before I got hurt” or even “I used to be in great shape when I was younger but now that I’m older I just can’t…” Let’s get real honest with each other for a second: anyone who uses these excuses is either full of shit or doesn’t understand how to get their focus right.

The truth is that before you can achieve anything, you have to be willing to give something in order to get something. There is always a price. Are you willing to pay it? Sometimes you just aren’t willing to give what is required and if that’s the case, well, you have to live with that. If you don’t want it, just be honest.

At least that is respectable because I’ll tell you what; you aren’t fooling anyone with your BS excuses. I’m just letting you know, you sound ridiculous when you say the aforementioned excuses or anything similar. I don’t buy it, your friends don’t buy it, your family doesn’t buy it and you don’t buy it! No matter how many times you try to lie to yourself about it…it is not going to be true. If you are that weak of a person…either be honest about it or don’t say anything at all. No one wants to hear you puke excuses for an hour about why you can’t.

However, if you do want it (and if you’re reading this I’m sure you do); you can’t focus on your past failures and expect a different outcome. Just because something didn’t work out for you in the past has ZERO relevance what so ever on what you are capable of achieving in the future. It is the equivalent of driving a car while only looking in the rear view. It doesn’t make much sense, does it? You don’t want to crash in life do you? Well, then quit looking in the past and start looking forward!

To succeed in anything, not just getting in shape, you must get very clear on what you want your outcome to be. You have to be able to see where you are going. Sit down and think about how you want to look and feel. How will this change your life? How will this change your job? What kind of mate will you be able to attract? How much happier will you be? Imagine how nice it will be when everything you try on fits perfectly and looks great on you. Picture those special events like vacations and pool parties and how those will be different if you have the body you always wanted. Take a few moments to really think about it. Do it…right now.

How did that feel? It feels pretty good to be where you want to be, right! It is very exciting to get a glimpse of what your life would actually be like if you were to already have achieved the outcome you desire!! This feeling is what you need to be focusing on consciously.

Every single day you should be taking a few minutes first thing in the morning and imagining yourself in situations with your ideal body and how different your entire life will be. This is called focus. Whatever you focus on in life…you will become. If you constantly think about how fat you are or how skinny you are, you will stay that way. If you are constantly focusing on what you want to become, you will automatically do the things you need to do to achieve that result. It really is that simple.

No longer will it be a struggle for you to pass up Taco Bell on the way home from work. It will become easy and automatic because you’ll have a clear vision of where you are headed. No longer will it be a chore to force down six meals a day or do cardio or work out… it will become automatic! No willpower involved!

How nice does that sound? What I’m telling you is a habit that all successful people already have perfected…they all have powerful focus! To have a powerful focus you must have enough imagination to be able to create the mental images of yourself living the life you want in the body you want. You have that amount of imagination don’t you? You can see yourself living life in that ideal body right? Sit down and think it through…. every day. If you can’t, well, you better learn how to; because you aren’t getting anywhere looking in that rear view mirror.

Until next time…

Never Settle