Thrown For a Loop with Versa-Loops

There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting a great workout in with the added bonus of having a blast with my peers and trainer!  One thing I continue to look forward to is how my trainer incorporates new exercises into my training sessions that are both fun and different.  Sometimes his ‘fun’ exercises have us all looking so goofy that our abs end up getting a good workout too from all the laughter!

A few months ago my trainer busted out a new contraption for us to use in our leg workout routine.  Something called a “Versa-Loop”.  It looked like a long rubber headband but was meant to be wrapped around your ankles, at which point you squat to where your knees are almost parallel to your glutes and proceed to do a side shuffle. While this made not sound too difficult, let me tell you, your glutes will certainly be burning once you have completed your sets.  I do 15 steps in each direction per set (30 steps total per set), for 3 sets of shuffling back and forth across the gym, back arched, and knees bent, and looking all together goofy!!

While this was my first experience with a Versa-Loop, I have since found that they have a wide range of uses for agility, stability, movement skills, strength training and stretching.  As you continue to use them and get stronger you can also move up to a more difficult tension band since they are available in various tensions.

While I may look silly as I use it, this simple little device has certainly found it’s way into my regular workouts and I encourage you to try it out too!  Believe me, you will certainly feel the burn!