Tony Friedrich – Newest 1st Phorm Athlete

My love for fitness, nutrition, working out and sports started at a young age and has not only stayed with me but also transformed into my passion.  Today, this drive has compelled me to work hard and push my body to new limits as an NPC Heavyweight Bodybuilder.

As the newest member of the 1st Phorm team I look forward to contributing to the knowledge base of my fans and other 1st Phorm customers through my regular articles.  In my blog readers can expect to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including training, dieting, and everyday tricks of the trade. I will include my own experiences along with knowledge I have acquired over the years to help you with your own personal goals.

I look forward to answering your questions and helping educate people on how to live a healthier, fit lifestyle following the 1st Phorm mantra of “Never Settle”!

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-Tony Friedrich