Weight Loss Supplement Secrets Exposed — “Pixie Dusting”

It’s very important to us that our customers understand exactly how 1st Phorm products are superior from the rest of industry. I want to take a few minutes and shed some light on the truth about supplements, more specifically … weight loss products.

If you want to give yourself a headache and severely confuse yourself, google weight loss supplements and watch the millions of posts bombard your computer screen. In a way, I guess this is just one more article in the millions. If you invest 2 minutes to read through until the end though, I promise you will have the knowledge you need understand the differences in products, why we manufacture the products the way we do, and be able to make the best decision to help you reach your goals.

Unfortunately, in the supplement industry there are many companies that are more worried about profit margins and making a quick buck, then your health and your results. Due to this, they will implement a practice called “Pixie Dusting.” This is where companies will make sure to sprinkle in the popular ingredients you hear about on social media and in magazines, along with as many others as possible, into their product to grow the label. The problem with this is that even though the label is impressive and has “everything you need for fat loss” … it does not have enough of any of the ingredients to be effective!

For those of you who are like me and need an analogy to better understand, here you go. Say you need 10 gallons of gas to go see your friend, and you only buy 1 gallon. Your not going to get real far are you? Let alone complete the journey.

Now to be fair, not all ingredients are under dosed in these pixie dusted products. These companies make sure to give you plenty of caffeine. As an added bonus, most give you more than you need! Yay for you right!? … NO. Not only is this why you feel jittery, sick and anxious, but it actually slows down your fat loss progress by raising cortisol levels due to the excessive amounts of stimulants.

When you combine all of this with that fact that there is no regulation in the supplement industry, it is no wonder weight loss products and supplements get a bad reputation. To help hide the truth about their sub par products, companies will falsify the labels and utilize any B.S. marketing scheme and lofty claim they can think of to get you to buy. I know I fell victim to this along my own personal weight loss journey years ago.

Due to all of this, we take every step possible to set ourselves apart from other companies. The 1-Db Goddess and 1-Db Overdrive Fastpacks are different because they’re formulated with full efficacious doses of EACH and EVERY fat-burning and energy ingredient known and proven to be effective … all at FULL EFFICACIOUS DOSES. No pixie dusting, no B.S., and no fillers. What this means for you is a product that annihilates stored body fat, eliminates cravings for junk and stops boredom eating, elevates energy all day long with no crash, and helps you earn results 24 hours a day. You’ll feel the difference from the very first time you take it!

We didn’t just stop there though. To take things a step further, increase confidence and add peace of mind … we manufacture the 1-Db Goddess and 1-Db Overdrive Fastpacks, along with all of our products, in FDA regulated facilities. This way you know you are getting exactly what you pay for and no surprise ingredients.

The 1-Db Goddess and 1-Db Overdrive Fastpacks may not be the cheapest products on the market, but they are the best. By simply doing the right thing and designing products based off of effectiveness and results, we make products superior to all others on the market … and we stand behind that 110%!