Welcome to 1st Phorm

Everyone has a dream…

It’s that crazy vision of what you truly aspire to be in life that
recurs over and over and over again. The courage one must possess to go
after that dream is what sets extraordinary people apart from everyone else.

Fear must be eliminated, faith must prevail and you have to trust
wholeheartedly that you can achieve and become your vision. The path may
not always be clear, but you can’t let that stop you from taking action
to pursue the end result you believe in. Every single day you have the
choice of whether to take steps toward or away from that dream, but
regardless of what you choose the dream will always exist.

Success is a long journey that begins with a decision to take all of
your strength, courage, faith, tenacity and fearlessly take that first
step forward knowing you cannot and will not fail. That first step is
followed by another and another until moving in the right direction
becomes natural. It becomes a part of you and is no longer something you
struggle for, it’s just something that you do. There are no short cuts.
You have to be prepared to push on when your body is tired and your mind
is screaming for you to quit. That moment is when the depth of your
conviction and belief in your vision that is embedded in your soul must
drive you through to create your destiny.

It is up to you to take steps against the grain, against all odds,
against all negative influences, against all the nonbelievers and move
forward daily with all of your heart. It is up to you to believe in
yourself. It’s up to you to have the courage to be the best. It is up to
you to Never Settle.

This Never Settle philosophy is what 1st Phorm is all about. It’s not
about being better, it’s about being the best. It’s about constantly
striving and pushing for something better. It’s about realizing that no
matter how good you are, you can always get better. It is about believing
and having faith that you can do things better and having the courage
and tenacity to see those beliefs through. This company is founded on
innovation and the idea of a paradigm shift. Our goal is to change the
way the world thinks of nutritional supplements completely by giving you
a better option.

Unlike most companies, we don’t create products to compete with other
companies products. What I mean by that is, we don’t design a protein
powder with the idea in mind that it will be sold at retail for $27.99.
We don’t formulate a pre-workout powder with the amount of ingredients
that will allow for it to be sold at retail for $39.99. I refuse to
limit our product quality by trying to adhere to another companies price
points. Our main priority is to make the absolute best products we can
and they cost what they cost AFTER we figure out what the best is going
to be. It is a completely different philosophy, but the end result speaks
for it self. I realize that because of this, our products aren’t for
everyone. That’s just fine with us. We aren’t here to please everyone. We
are here to be the best we can. If you’re looking for a 5 lb tub of
protein for $35 you wont find it here. If your looking for a $25
thermogenic to give you a buzz, you wont find that here either. You
also wont find “Heavy Muscle Gainer 5000 Extreme Super Hardcore-
Guaranteed to put on muscle 5000 times faster than anything else”, as we
don’t believe in bullshit either. Our customers are smarter than that.
What you will find here are the highest quality products on earth for
people who aren’t willing to settle for anything but the best. We make
products for serious athletes who refuse to make compromises in their
performance, their training, their careers, their lives and their
nutritional supplements. We don’t compromise and neither do our
customers…in any area of our existence.

My name is Andrew Frisella and I’d like to welcome you to 1st Phorm.