What Other Health Benefits Does Whey Have Besides Helping To Build Muscle?

A lot of discussion occurs with whey protein on this site and others like it regarding the muscle building or anabolic potential of whey protein. A great deal of this attention is because of the high essential amino acid content contained within the protein. In addition, whey protein, particularly high quality sources like whey protein isolates have the highest concentrations. It is these amino acids, particularly leucine, that are so commonly discussed for their ability to stimulate growth. Well what if you are a woman and realize maybe your calcium intake is too low or any individual who would like to help shed a few pounds of fat and get leaner. Can whey protein help in this regard? The answer is considered by many to be yes there is some beginning evidence to suggest this role. Just so I’m clear, it’s not a slam dunk, yes, absolutely the data is clear cut, but if you pay attention to science at all, it’s rarely this way. For example, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a report in the next week or so that fresh fruits and vegetables are bad for us.